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Spitlickers' slither in on their belly.....

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has launched vicious and unwarranted attacks against Sharkhunters and we asked for comments from any and all.  They stated that we were a "General Hate" group and that is absolutely false and an outright lie.  Sharkhunters is a history organization and if the history we uncover bothers certain people - too bad!  We publish facts - pleasant or otherwise, but always truthful.


We promised that we would publish the comments no matter what they said about us or the SPLC - good or bad, we would print them.  Here are the early comments.

from Denmark:
"I can see you are doing well and on your toes fighting all the idiots around us.  Keep on fighting!"

from classic car lover BARRY HACKNEY, Member #7659:
"Thank you for this expose' Harry.  The mega millions these creeps rake in is a shameful testimony to just how much raw hatred rich leftists and extreme supremacists have for white Christian America and the freedoms our heritage was built upon.  When TV viewers see creeps like Mark Potok or Marxist Sleeze being trotted out as 'experts' on 'extremism' or 'hate', they should realize that owners and staff of those networks are of the same ilk"

from the South Pacific; Commander GEORGE McKENZIE, Member #7401:
"As you know I read my HOT MAILS over and over again.  Living in Australia I thankfully had never heard of the SPLC until I started reading reports in my HOT MAILS but even then I didn't quite get it.  But today as I was reading this special HOT MAIL I started thinking - has Harry lost it?  What is he going on about?  Then I read more of the HOT MAIL and the links and I could literally feel my jaw drop in shock and surprise.  Then I am thinking are there really people out there that think and act this way?  So I clicked a few more of the links, did some more Google stuff, emailed some American and Canadian friends.  Now I am completely bewildered at how these people get away with exactly what they claim to defend - basic human rights under common law.  My God Harry, their link alone is enough to take these manipulating slandering whack jobs to court for vilification and defamation against Sharkhunters International.
     Mate, I am just horrified about this SPLC mob.  I am outraged and offended and angry.  I have thick skin but when people throw stones at my family and friends (and Sharkhunters International is, to me, my Submarine History family), I want to jump into the breech and defend them and do something to stop the attacks against them.  This Hot Mail has stirred some strong feelings in me.  What can we do about this?  Thank you for highlighting this to the Membership!  Please continue the fight and Harry, keep up the wonderful research and work you, your family, the Board and contributors do to enlighten us and others about the real and true Submarine History."
EDITOR NOTE - He is a retired submarine commander of another Navy

from way out west:
"I heard and learned about you and Sharkhunters on the Jeff Rense show.  I just purchased and read your book "Hitler in Argentina" and loved it........and finally, fuck the Spitlickers.  There is a special place in Hell reserved for those punks."

another comment:
"Thank you for your scholarly and balanced perspective on this complex subject."

MARC NASSE, seven year Sharkhunters Member #7457 writes:
"I am a big Coast to Coast AM Radio fan and listen to it all the time.  I missed the Sharkhunters one though.  I am surprised they, CtoC, would have you on.  I know George Noory is careful not to talk about the real history of WW II.  Keep us posted on George Knapp's emails."
He followed with the comment:
"I am not ashamed of standing up for the truth."

from a professional newsman in the Land of the Maple Leaf:
"SPLC is apparently a member of the zionist hate group as they attack Toronto Street News as somehow anti-semitic when our writers are 60% Jewish.  What shit comes out of the SPLC!  The homosexual Morris Deed apparently doesn't have to make money to pay for kids schooling - - my advertisers have all been threatened following the SPLC lies about our wonderful paper that subsidizes the homeless as well.  Let's see the fucking coward talk to me in person!  Safely hidden in the United States yet!"
Victor Fletcher   16 years as a tabloid; suffered three arson attacks; suffered three attempts on my life

STORMFRONT has had dozens of comments about the
Many who commented to the well-known have made comments as you can see here:

Check it out - the truth about the

Reaching back into history, the great RONALD REAGEN, Member #1858, wrote:
"Regards and admiration to organizations like Sharkhunters that keep American history alive."
President Reagan was a Sharkhunters Member until he died - one must wonder if the Spitlickers thought he was a Nazi.

from another C2C listener:
"Let me guess with Knapp.....He is attacking facts and you personally.  That is because this information shatters the false paradigm that delusional Americans believe.  Nothing new."

These great Americans were DUES PAYING Members of Sharkhunters:
  *  ART FLEMING, US Navy bomber plot and first host of the TV show Jeopardy;
  *  RADM Lawson "Red" RAMAGE, US Navy submarine Skipper, Medal of Honor!
  *  Captain EDWARD "Ned" BEACH, US Navy, author and Adjutant to President Eisenhower - Navy Cross!
  *  RADM RICHARD O'KANE, US Navy submarine Skipper, Medal of Honor!
  *  JOHN CHAFEE, US Marine Corps and Governor of Rhode Island.
Were these great men Nazis and haters?  According to the Spitlickers, membership in Sharkhunters makes them such.  What crap!

Art Fleming   "Red" Ramage   "Ned" Beach   O'Kane (right)   John Chafee

We would appreciate your open and unbiased comments too.  We will not print your name unless you ask us to ink it.

from author David Laibow:
"Heidi Bereich's deliberate and calculated refusal to attack me and my books 'Sara, A Love Story' and 'Erhard Milch: The Jew Who Built the Luftwaffe' proves beyond any doubt, that she is an anti-Semite.  If she were not an obvious anti-Semite, she would have delivered a scathing, no-holds-barred attack on each book and on me personally.  She hasn't done so, proving that she is an irreconcilable anti-Semite.  Only a confirmed Jew-hater would refuse to attack both books without reading them.  I am the victim of deliberate, calculated purposeful anti-Semitic discrimination by a woman who won't attack my books without reading them.  Talk about 'general hate'!

from Kristen Bickham:
"Among the many 'evil' things Sharkhunters have done - you have gotten former enemies together so they realize they are very similar and became friends!  It is a pretty sad state of affairs that a group like Sharkhunters is demonized."

More fine Members of Sharkhunters.........
  *  ANTHONY STUART MELVILLE-ROSS, Royal Navy submarine commander:
  *  CHRIS WILLS, US Navy then US Coast Guard;
  *  Major General PYOTR BARABOLYA, Soviet Navy;
  *  Major JOHN HANKINS, US Army;
  *  Commander ED HARGROVE, US Coast Guard

Melville-Ross   Wills   Barabolya   Hankins   Hargrove

Were these great men Nazis and haters?  What crap - but I would love to be there when they said that to HARGROVE in person!  They would not face this former linebacker of the Pittsburgh Steelers - these cowards snipe from afar.

Keep in mind that nobody at Sharkhunters receives a salary of any kind and, unlike certain folks at the Spitlickers, we do not live in a multi-million dollar mansion.  That might be really nice to be rolling in massive amounts of money, living in a mansion and driving a Bentley or a Rolls or similar - but each morning I have to look at the guy in the mirror when I am shaving.  If there ever comes a day when I can't look at the guy in the mirror, if I have to turn my face aside in shame over something I do that I know is false - well, there just never will come such a day!

Keep checking back as there will be more comments added daily as they come in.

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