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Roger Clark
Who is Roger Clark?  According to his own puff CV he is a world expert on all sorts of things, especially on the death of Adolf Hitler.  His extremely vicious attacks give rise to many questions, such as - why does he appear to take the destruction of our book "Hitler in Argentina" as his own Holy Grail; why is he so emotionally involved in what should be a simple although incorrect book review; why is he so incredibly verbose in his reviews and attacks?  One might wonder why he appears to be so emotionally involved to seemingly get into such a snit when challenged.....almost crying like a little girl.

We have our opinion - but you must draw your own conclusions and keep in mind that anyone who criticizes any expert must have more knowledge of the particular topic than the world expert who wrote the book.  While it is okay to challenge, debunk and criticize theory, speculation, thoughts and ideas - one simply cannot challenge absolute fact and our book "Hitler in Argentina" is solid historic fact, not theory.  To criticize it is the same as challenging that water is wet or flames are hot, but for whatever reason, poor Roger staggers onward trying to push a string uphill.  He sure is no world expert on the escape of Adolf Hitler.  We really are unsure in what area, if any, he is an expert.  Read on and see for yourself - then scroll to the bottom to see why he has suddenly become very quiet.


We have numbered these paragraphs so Roger can follow along easily.  We would not want him to lose his place.

1. I'd be surprised if I said what is quoted.  On many interviews I have said that it has been suggested or people have claimed or it might appear that he is paid, but I do not think I made that statement.  Some even think he is a 'gatekeeper' of sorts.

2.  Calculated to deceive - to deceive WHO?  It is no surprise that we think he is a clown, so no deception here.  We have emailed to him on numerous occasions but he has not replied to any of our communications.  As to his comment that it is legally actionable, we absolutely do not agree but we will make the same offer we do to all those who rattle their sabers and threaten to sue.....let me know when you plan to be here to bring suit and I will help you make reservations at any of the fine hotels here.  In 34 years - it has never happened.

3.  He seems proud to announce that he has written reviews and in his words - spoken to countless international authorities - but he does not name of them; and who can be a bigger authority than Cooper who has visited these places again and again and spoken to people who have actually seen Hitler in Argentina after the war.  All Roger can come up with as "proof" is that he knows Hitler shot himself in the bunker because that is what we were told for decades and anything else must be dismissed.  How naive!
     He claims to have "consulted some of the world's leading authorities" do what?  All these so-called 'authorities' are left in the dust people and all they can do is rubber stamp Roger's premise that Hitler shot himself in the Führerbunker.  Anything else is unacceptable and all these so-called experts can do is parrot the tired old propaganda history we have all been taught.  Those are not experts, they are close minded academics who know nothing of the real history - the same as Roger wants to think he knows but sadly, does not.

4.  We are supposed to look at his profile page to see how great he is - in his own words.  He has not mentioned anyone else who has as high an opinion of him as he does himself and one wonders why.

5.  Furious?  Please Roger, don't flatter yourself.  You would have to be far more important than you are for me to be furious.  You have no more impact on me than something I stepped in while crossing a cow pasture.


6.  Retaliating Roger?  No, merely setting the record straight and shining a bright light on your foolish comments.  Lies Roger?  Not at all.....merely pointing out that you are a little man trying to appear important by attacking something of great historical value - to make yourself feel important in your own eyes?  Most comments we receive about you, people have great pity for you and your delusions.  And again I say - there was no libel but if you wish to bring suit, let me know when you will be here and I can recommend a nice hotel.

7.  I have not responded because this is the first time I have heard of said questions.  As already stated, this little coward does not reply to our emails and one must wonder who appointed him the gatekeeper of this history since he is not a world class expert.


8.  Everyone's favorite uncle?  What does this mean Roger?  It was never my intention to be anyone's uncle; merely a world class historian, which you are not.  Sorry about that Roger.

9.  You say "Or else"?  You are threatening a woman (Erin Dakins) Roger?  What a guy!


The email at the right is apparently from an Amazon forum of some type.  I am too busy going to places where Hitler lived after the war to have time to waste with a guy like Roger, so I never read drivel like Roger spews forth - it is a waste of my time and frankly, that of anyone else as well.

A - Sort of an explanation, and apparently someone with the pseudonym of 'Politics and Procedures' has made a comment about Roger.  Since we do not waste time with such as Roger, we do not know what was said but it apparently has ruffled Roger's petticoats.


B - calls him a 'dirty liar'?  Whatever was posted, it seems to have really lit Roger up.  He threatens lawsuits to anyone who points out his errors and his obvious slant.....but it is okay for him to use such harsh terms to someone else?
     He 'knows more about this subject than a author' the first place, no he does not.  In the second place 'a author'?  Roger asks that forum contributor 'Have you no education?'  No education Roger when you say 'a author'?
     Let us take another look at the next to last sentence that states..... "I hope it will stimulate people will read my one star reviews.........".  No comment is really necessary here.

Roger calls this person a 'liar' and also a 'fool' but when we point out that he is nothing more than a mild bump in the road for true historians, he threatens a lawsuit?  Maybe Roger should look in the mirror when making such comments about fools and education.  He would get full agreement from us.

He has written so many empty rebuttals to so many honest 5 Star reviews with his 1 star foolishness, it almost appears if this is a deliberate attempt to dilute the very many 5 Star reviews by many honest people in his multitude of empty 1 star and grossly verbose comments.  We can not know because he does not reply to our emails, and he calls someone else a coward?  Amazing how his own ruler does not measure him.

If we may presume to offer a suggestion Roger - stop taking yourself so seriously; nobody else does.  You may want to take up some other hobby, one in which you can actually excel by actually doing something building something up yourself, something of which you can be proud rather than trying to tear down the solid and accurate works of others who are far better than you in their field.  Maybe try your hand at butterfly collecting?  Or stamp collecting?  Or anything that does not require deep thinking, heavy concentration or much intelligence.  Best of luck with your future endeavors and remember, if you wish to come here to bring legal action, I can recommend many nice hotels and if you like seafood, great restaurants.

WHY ROGER HAS SUDDENLY BECOME QUIET - A couple months ago Roger sent an email to SHANNON DAVIS, Member #8067 and host of our monthly radio show on his Omegaman Radio and in this email, Roger said that HARRY COOPER, Member #1-LIFE is a Nazi.  That is an out and out lie - he has never been a Nazi.  Roger also said that the book "Hitler in Argentina" is fraudulent.  It is not fraudulent - it is hard and irrefutable fact.  And so poor bed-wetting Roger has committed two actionable offensives and we suspect that he has learned that we have contacted a London based barrister to handle a lawsuit against him; and also our Members who are current and former MI-5 operatives are checking into his past.  Roger probably does not want these skeletons to come mincing out of the closet and we are sure he does not want to appear in court to defend these indefensible comments.

If anyone has any comments about Roger Clark - good, bad or otherwise, please send them here and we will post them.  If you wish us to withhold your name, let us know and we will.  And Roger - I hope you will take this constructive criticism in the positive and helpful spirit in which it is offered.

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