Hitler's Hidden
Estate in Patagonia
  Secret German
Nuclear Laboratory
  Secret German
Training Facility
  German Hotel with Plastic
Surgery Clinic into the 1960's

Hitler in Argentina


Who Said that Adolf Hitler did not die in the Führerbunker?

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Where is the body?  If Stalin would have had Hitler's body, it would have been on display in the Kremlin wall.  There was no body on display - because there was NO BODY of Adolf Hitler!


How many were taught that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide in the Führerbunker on 30 April 1945?  All of us were taught that and we believed it.  Why not?  Our government would never lie to us.....would they?

Damned right they would - and they did!  Adolf Hitler did not shoot himself as we are told.  He lived until 1963 in Argentina.

Eva Braun/Hitler did not take poison in the Führerbunker.  She was definitely alive in Argentina in 2002 at age 90 and we have indications that she was alive in 2012 in an assisted living facility in Argentina.

"Hitler in Argentina" is an International Best Selling Book!


These two history smashing books tell the entire story.  Our best selling book "Hitler in Argentina" tells with absolute fact, that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did indeed escape the crumbling Reich, fled from Berlin and settled in a plush estate in a faraway corner of Argentina some 700 miles southwest of Buenos Aires.

Even today, that area is very remote but in the years 1945 through at least the end of the 1960's, San Carlos di Bariloche may as well have been on the dark side of the moon!  It was that remote and removed from prying eyes.

Open your eyes - forget the fairy tales you were taught in school and in today's media.  Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did not commit suicide.

Harry Cooper, the world's foremost source on the escape of Hitler, Eva Braun and thousands of the crumbled Third Reich explains all.


by end of 2016 - "Hitler in Argentina" is ranked the
#1 Best Selling Book on Latin American History!

For much more information on the escape of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and thousands of others, go to www.sharkhunters.com   Click on the image of the books above for the description of the book, for comparisons to other such books, for honest reviews and for comments.  Here is one such review for starters.........

We publish any and all reviews and comments about this book - this is from Economist ELLIS BAXTER, Member #7862:
"As a long time researcher and while writing a book 'The Dollar Wise Life' I was doing research on how Germany recovered from its huge destruction at the end of WW II.  The research involved was a pure financial item.  That said, where I wound up was a shocker.  Given that experience and my 15 years of research on my General Theory on Macro Economics as above, I can say that 'Hitler in Argentina' and 'Hitler and the Secret Alliance' are Required Reading for anyone trying to understand how we arrived where the world is today!
   "I consider these two books vital, but also they break new ground in books.....they are conversational and understandable, easy to follow in such a complex theory and fact based research.  The Cooper book breaks new ground.
   "I cannot stress how important this book is.  There are several great books on the subject.....however, Harry Cooper - a 'citizen of the world writer' lays out the facts.  I understand that much of the information is uncomfortable.  That is the point - it is true.
   "Harry Cooper is a one of a kind writer.  The Ivy League crowd doesn't like this unique writing style.  Of course:
       1.  These folks don't want to know the truth as they are invested in the myth of WW II;
      2.  They understand that Harry Cooper is a force of bringing together former combatants and talking human to human to foster understanding.
   "Folks, I have been on this for 15 years.  If you want to understand the world we live in today.....you must understand and KNOW the past.  Harry Cooper is 'aide de camp' to that understanding.
   "This is a top ten book.....join Sharkhunters, buy these two vital books and join the path to understanding and knowledge."


Of course, if you still want to believe the fairy tales the governments push at you, that is your right.........don't forget the fat guy in the red suit who will come down your chimney on Christmas Eve with a bag full of toys.

   Sad indeed is he who knows not..........but sadder still
         ..............is he who knows not that he knows not.

    The world is full of Sheeple - we educate them - DON'T BE a Sheeple.

Humbling Praise from an Expert!  DICK ALLGIRE, Member #7990 is an established and well experienced TV news reporter for nearly four decades.  18 January 2016 he emailed this:
"I heard you on the radio show with JEFF RENSE, (Member #7680) and you just ooze authenticity.  I bought your book and read it.  I believe it.  Hell, what's not to believe?  It's all documented.  As a journalist, I investigate things for myself and I am proud to be a Member of your organization.  You do good work."






     Enter the "Spitlickers"!

Naturally, the SPLC (known as the 'Spitlickers' by some) could not pass up a chance to snipe at Sharkhunters, calling us a hate group or to attack
Harry Cooper, the world's foremost source on the history of the U-Boats and of the escape of Hitler, labeling him as a Nazi.  Sharkhunters is not now and never was a hate group; and Cooper is not now and never was a Nazi.

Let us be perfectly clear - the 'Spitlickers' are liars!  If they are not liars, if they are telling the truth about Sharkhunters and Cooper, let them take us to court for calling them the liars they really are.


     the 'Spitlickers' are LIARS!

Yep, that is what we said and we challenge these liars to take us to court to show we are not telling the truth about them - they are liars.

Has it occurred to anyone that Harry Cooper and Sharkhunters are telling the truth and therefore must be discredited by groups like the 'Spitlickers' and paid stooges like Roger Clark to prevent the truth from coming out?

..........we have a TON of such comments to add - please check back frequently for more and your comments, good or bad, are welcome.

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