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Hitler and the Secret Alliance


"We shall never forget, nor be able to repay, the immense debt of gratitude we owe to our comrades of the Germany Army."
      Colonel Juan Domingo Perón on 4 April 1952.

What prompted Perón to make that statement?  In 1952!!!
.....and why is his widow making this salute??  In 1974!!!

The European conflict of World War Two ended in early May 1945, but not all Germans remained to suffer their fate at the hands of the victorious Allies - rape, murder, robbery, slavery and the loss of everything.  There were thousands of high ranking Party Members,
SS officers, spies, agents, scientists, engineers and all manner of the elite of the Reich who escaped the crumbled Europe in favor of a fresh start in South America, primarily Argentina.

In this book researcher Michael Ivinheim reveals what his exhaustive research has discovered about the 'Black Boats' that figured prominently into the history.....not of the END of the Third Reich but rather the RELOCATION of the Third Reich.

This book has received FIVE STARS from Amazon.  Read these reviews:

from Amazon:
"Hitler and the Secret Alliance is a fantastic journey into the past and, to an extent, the present of the southern half of the Western Hemisphere.  Almost everyone has been exposed to some aspects of World War I and II Germany and probably to a lesser extent, South America.  However, only a few have delved as deeply into the history of southern South America.  Readers having an interest in/and or working knowledge of this area of world history from current sources will be amazed how this book puts incidents in perspective and makes the gaps in this history suddenly apparent.  For example, the presence of German nationals and representatives of the German Government in South America has always been more or less obvious to the public.  The extent of this presence in terms of land ownership, business and manufacturing enterprises and the influence on countries such as Argentina as illustrated in this book will amaze even the knowledgeable reader."
from GEORGE PAXINOS, Sharkhunters Member #7460:

"Michael Ivinheim's/Harry Cooper of book is a marvel of revelation about what most of us have never learned of world history of the 20th Century and explains, between the lines, the inside nature of world political process in our present 21st Century.

On page 80 he suddenly throws us a spin-ball with the story of Viking colonization in South America."

Point #1 on this map is the village of San Carlos di Bariloche where Hitler lived for at least a decade after the end of World War Two.
from 'Projecta 1' in an Amazon review:

"It has exhaustive information regarding the matter.  Interesting reading and good richness of data."

The photo to the right is the ruins of a laboratory building in what remains of the German nuclear research facility built on an island in a huge lake in Bariloche - built in 1947; two years AFTER the end of the Second World War!

from ELLIS BAXTER, Sharkhunters Member #7862:

"A home run for Cooper!  An outstanding bit of research which I have come to expect from Harry Cooper......the style is not literature but hard, cold research.  Just the facts, Jack!  I love this frank approach to study....I cannot recommend this book high enough - first rate research from Cooper who not only digs into the paper work but damn if the guy does not go to the locations.

Buy one Cooper book and you will buy more.  Yes, he is that good!"
from an unnamed Amazon customer:

"For a researcher like myself the book contained much valuable information.  As a narrative however, it ESS a bit disjointed."

EDITOR NOTE - We have no idea what is meant by "ESS" but we reprint exactly as they were.

from Milrevko in an Amazon review:

"Go Sharkhunters"

The photo on the left is the lookout tower guarding the approach to the estate where Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun lived from 1945 for at least ten years.  It is still standing even today.
from Sgt. BILL NAPIER, US Marine Corps combat veteran and Sharkhunters Member #2290-C/LIFE:

"It's full of adventure and dark secrets; lots of insights and intrigue.  I thoroughly enjoyed it."
  from LAWRENCE NOTHDURFT, Sharkhunters Member #5510-A/LIFE:

"I have read all the books that Sharkhunters has produced on Hitler's escape from Germany.  Although I am not 100% convinced, I am at least willing to keep my mind open on the subject.
     All the books and the Secret Alliance have enough information to at least make one think about what they have been taught in the past.  Like I say, I am at least open minded enough to believe that it is possible that he escaped."

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