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Tesla Powered U-Boats?
    William Lyne?

11 July 2014 we received this in an email from a Sharkhunters Member:
"Dear Mr. Cooper,
Again here to remind you about what I had heard last weekend at a lecture from William Lyne.  Mr. Lyne stated that the Nazis had produced several U-Boats that were propelled with Tesla Technology that could remain submerged for several months.  They were much smaller than the typical U-Boat.  I don't know if what he is stating is true, and many of his other claims appear to be "too good to be true".  I am asking you to please check out this aspect of his story as to whether to give him credibility in the future."

Letter to William Lyne

This was a fair request and since we are the world experts on the German U-Boats, we also want to know if there is anything we missed along the way in our research.

We note that the letter sent to Mr. Lyne was absolutely polite and we merely asked for more information.

The response from Mr. Lyne was quite unusual - and it was just the beginning of what can only be described as a 'Goat Rodeo'.


Mr. Lyne replied in the following letter of 21 July 2014.

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We note that there were quite a few rather "unusual" claims made by Mr. Lyne and although we had been doing this for 31 years at the time, we are aware that one or two items may have slipped past us............but this many?  And so strange?  We also note that he is surprised that we did not know of him or his works.  Who IS he?  What has he done, if anything?

To make sure we were on solid ground, we sent a copy of this letter to the two absolutely MOST knowledgeable guys in the entire world on the history of the U-Bootwaffe - Kriegsmarine Leutnant zur See PETER HANSEN, Member #251 and S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO.  On paper HANSEN was a U-Boat officer but in reality, he was a highly placed '
SPOOK' in the Abwehr.  He personally knew Admiral Wilhelm Canaris (Chief of the Abwehr) as well as Gro▀admiral Karl D÷nitz.  Since PIZZARRO is one of our S.E.I.G. Agents, we cannot give further information.  This is his/her cover name.


Note the PS (above right) in our letter to Mr. Lyne.  In what he sent to us, we see that he refers to this as the "Type XXI Attack-Deep Sea U-Boat".  We know that many Type XXI-A boats were built and handed out to England, France, the US and the Soviet Union after the German surrender.  The "A" was the only variant of the Type XXI boat built.

The Type XXI-B would have six aft-pointing tubes in a forward compartment at a 10║ angle off center and the Type XXI-C (seen here) would have twelve such tubes.  Any destroyer chasing a Type XXI-B or XXI-C would receive a terrible surprise.

However.........NO "B" or "C" variants of the Type XXI U-Boat were ever built.  They were merely designs on the boards and if the war had gone on longer, they would have gone into production but they did not - so we wondered where Mr. Lyne was going with this and that is why we asked in that letter of 16 August 2014.

This photo appears to have been copied from a book on German warships and submarines written by H. T. Linton.

Below is information received from S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO


So far, it appears that Mr. Lyne is the only one in the world who knows about Tesla powered German U-Boats, neutron bombs, missions so secret that PIZZARRO and HANSEN knew nothing about them......or maybe there is another explanation.

Here are sections from the 19 August 2014 letter we received from former Abwehr Agent PETER HANSEN, Member #251.  We copied only the portions of his letter that pertain to William Lyne's claims.

Keep in mind that on paper PETER was a Leutnant zur See in the Kriegsmarine/U-Bootwaffe but he was well embedded in the Abwehr.  He is a very intelligent man and has knowledge of just about everything that went on with the U-Bootwaffe.

We see what he thinks of Mr. Lyne's claims...........pretty much the same as PIZZARRO's thoughts of these claims.


Things are beginning to get more clear........


In this letter to Mr. Lyne on 26 August we ask some tough questions; they are necessary.  It appears that Mr. Lyne is ducking our questions; not being forthcoming.


Our 26 August email to Dr. Tenczar who initially brought our attention to Mr. Lyne.  It is self-explanatory.



Only one handshake away from a major breakthrough?  Could it be that he is making it up as he goes along?  Keep reading and judge for yourself.  To borrow a line from Alice in Wonderland;
"Things are getting curiouser and curiouser".........but no worries, it all becomes crystal clear soon.

His letter of 28 August 2014 is here and it is interesting to say the least.  We have added the red numbers for ease of following the commentary and our response/analysis.


1.  Not sure what his "more important business" is but going nowhere?  Sharkhunters is recognized as the world's leading source of accurate German U-Boat history.
2.  Public domain?  Actually most of our historically accurate data comes right from the veterans themselves.  As for his thoughts on disinformation etc., one must wonder if this is a way to deflect attention from his interesting and unusual claims.
3.  PIZZARRO knows nothing of these things?  This is a really dumb statement since PIZZARRO and PETER HANSEN are the two most knowledgeable people in the world on this history.  Is this perhaps an attempt to discredit the real experts to make his own "research" appear real?
4.  For him to say that PIZZARRO knows "nothing about Electro U-Boats" is as meaningless as saying that the Pope knows nothing about religion!  He is a world expert.......again we must ask if this is a lame attempt to discredit the real experts.
     No, there is no confusion.  'Fritz' Steinhoff, commander of U-511 was the brother of Dr. Ernst Steinhoff.  That was the reason that U-511 was selected to test fire the rockets from underwater.  HEINZ RHESE, Member #254 was Engineering Petty Officer aboard when they did the testing as we see in these pix sent to us by HEINZ......unique to Sharkhunters, not public domain.


5.  Interesting that LBJ "leaked" secret papers to him; most convenient.  He must have been really important.....
6.  We did not claim that he broke any laws.......we wonder why he even mentioned that.
7.  We have no idea what is an "old unreconstructed Nazi" and Mr. Lyne did not bother to define this for us so we must wonder if this is a real term or just more disinformation meant to deflect attention.
8.  When he says that he is ".....not an expert on German U-Boats" we wholeheartedly agree!  And again we must ask - why show the drawing of a Type XXI-C boat when none were ever built?  Again the claim that "our man knows nothing about....." and we must ask if this is yet another attempt at deflection?
9.  My goodness - according to Mr. Lyne, the two most knowledgeable people in the entire world on this history - know nothing about it?  Amazing!  It is nice that he has not sought validation from us and of course it is not forthcoming.  We merely asked Mr. Lyne to validate his claims.  Rather than offer solid proof of what he gives speeches about, he resorts to deflection and name calling?  Hardly a scientific response.
10.  These comments just boggle the mind!  Insults, disinformation, deflection and name calling do not validate anything.  Quite the contrary they make one wonder what, if anything, we are not meant to learn about the writer and his claims.
11.  My impressive.



So many theories.....or were they really theories???

His reply surprised even us - or maybe it really said a great deal about Mr. William Lyne;


Amazing.....absolutely amazing!  Don't know what it is so we don't know what it isn't?  What the heck does that mean?  Is that like Bill Clinton asking what the meaning of the word is - is?

* Apparently Mr. Lyne has quite a vocabulary and uses it like a little kid told that he can't have his ice cream;

* Going to sue?  We've had that threat many times before but in 35 years; no lawsuit as yet.  Telling the truth is not actionable and if a person knowingly brings a false law suit against us, he can be sued in return.

* Rear Admiral Thomas Hayward?  Why mention him?  He has never been a Sharkhunters Member.  In fact we have never heard of him until this letter from Mr. Lyne.  Deliberate confusion perhaps?  We also wonder how Mr. Lyne can think that a Rear Admiral can be CNO.  That is always a billet for a full four star admiral.....or maybe Mr. Lyne knows something about our Navy nobody else knows.  Actually, when he was CNO, Hayward had been elevated to full Admiral but again we ask - what has this to do with anything?  He was never a Member of Sharkhunters.

* Mr. Lyne can definitely, absolutely be assured that we will not confuse him with any kind of historian.

* Eisenhower ordered the assassination of Mr. Lyne?  Amazing!  He must have been really important for the President of the United States to order him killed.....and we wonder how he managed to evade such professional assassins.

* My hero?  That would be Julius Caesar followed closely by RONALD REAGEN, Member #1858.

  When we received this letter, we passed it by our attorney seen here.

.......our attorney's reply dispels all doubt - in plain terms.

With all this information, the reader may make his/her own decisions.

We welcome any and all input about Mr. William Lyne from anyone - good, bad or otherwise and we will print it.  If you do not want your name displayed, let us know and you will remain anonymous.

One of our Members, a highly qualified undersea search and recovery expert, sat in on another of Mr. Lyne's speeches recently (late 2017) and came away with the following:


It appears that the more Mr. Lyne (aka "Johnny Neutron") speaks, the more his data falls flat.

If there are any others you want us to check out, let us know.

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