'Spitlickers' are LIARS!

We challenge these liars, Southern Poverty Law Center, to take us to court.  They will not because they are indeed liars and so we are legally entitled to label them as such......and we do.

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SHARKHUNTERS International
"First they ridicule you.  If that doesn't work, they viciously attack.  If all else fails, they claim it was their idea all along."
This is an old adage and the so-called "experts" have tried and failed to ridicule our findings, so they are now in phase two - they viciously attack.  Example.....

On paper or in their self-aggrandizing, self-promoting text, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a wonderful organization founded to help poor people with legal representation in various areas of court.  Who could find fault with such a great organization?

In reality, they are a superb fund-raising entity whose apparent reason for existing is two-fold:
     First - they are there to raise money for their own use;
     Second - they are there to label just about any organization they can as evil.....and that keeps the money rolling in.

HUGE Fund Raisers
Looking at their own financial statement for FY 2013, they raised about FORTY MILLION DOLLARS and had a huge amount, tens of millions, available.  It is reported that they had been receiving large sums of money from the FBI to find and report various so-called "hate" groups to the FBI.  However, for whatever reason, the FBI apparently slammed the checkbook shut on them in middle 2014.  Why?  One can only wonder at the reason, but perhaps it is because just about anyone and everyone with whom they disagreed with was labeled a "hate" group?  Or perhaps the FBI realized that they were reporting just about any group just to keep the FBI money rolling in?  We cannot say for sure, but with the end of the FBI payola situation, we think that maybe the Boy Scouts can breath easier..........maybe Little League Baseball and NASCAR as well - who can say?

Finger Pointing Does Not Mean Truth
Naturally we are commenting on the Spitlickers as some call them (SPitLiCkers) because they wrongly and falsely attacked Sharkhunters, calling us a "General Hate Group".  Did they do this to keep money rolling in?  They deliberately failed to mention great Americans in Membership like Ronald Reagan, the four Medal of Honor submarine commanders, various state governors, senators, congressmen and all manner of Americans not to mention the last Supreme Commander of the Soviet Navy and many Soviet navy officers when they used the term 'Neo-Nazi'.  Were they Neo-Nazis as well?  Ridiculous!

Who Appointed Them?
At this point, we must ask what branch of the American Government appointed them as the one to determine who is and who is not a "hate" group?  Please take a moment to look at all the following to understand the real SPLC and it is not a pretty picture.  This group and its founder, Morris Dees, are reported on in so many outlets - small independent groups as well as major publications.  Take a moment to view the following and see the reality of is the self-appointed gate keeper of so-called "hate" groups as see by so many.

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We do not hate anyone and we do not condone hate of any kind; we firmly believe in the First Amendment and agree that everyone has a right to their opinion but when outright false accusations are leveled at us, there is no alternative.  The truth must be told - Sharkhunters is a highly respected history organization and not a "hate" group.  We tried to talk about this to the SPLC but it appeared that their mind was already made up and so.........it is time to give them a glimpse of what George Armstrong Custer felt when he and his 240 or so troopers of the 7th Cavalry came over the hill at the Little Big Horn River to see some 5,000 Indians waiting for him.

Sharkhunters is a history group and the best in the world on the subject of U-Boat history.  Our Membership is proud to include thousands of veterans of all branches of many countries.  They are listed under VETERANS on www.sharkhunters.com  Take a look for yourself.

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After you look at the links below, you will understand who the real "hate" group is...........these are not our comments but rather comments from a great many who have had dealings with this self-appointed so-called watchdog of.............whatever.

NEWEST POSTS - eye-opening; says a lot about these liars and hucksters and how their one and only goal appears to be.....to keep the cash register ringing - and ringing - and always ringing:
"Hate Profiteering: The SPLC Hate Hustlers"  https://patriotpost.us/alexander/51017

"Millions of dollars transferred offshore"


Anti-Hate-Group that really IS a hate group!


"Morris Dees - Pathological Narcissist & Ultracreep" is what he is called by Robert Lindsay via Henry Makow who talks about divorce, sex addict, womanizer, pedophile and much more.  Click on these links to read the whole story:

"Morris Dees - Child Molester, Pervert, and Liar?"  That is the header.  Look at this legal document and decide for yourself:
          also    https://www.zianet.com/web/dees2.htm

"Must have an enemy that can't be defined - that is the best kind" said Eustace Mullins.  He further stated that the SPLC loves to place the name 'NAZI' on so many they wish to attack.  The very use of that term immediately conjures up negative and hateful images whether true or not.  What is a Nazi?  They do not give a definition and in our opinion, they do not want a definition.  If there is a firm definition then it can be refuted - however if there is only a negative connotation when slapped on someone, they have achieved their goal of attaching a negative label to the person they are targeting.
According to Mullins, at first Dees was going to be a Klansman but saw he couldn't make money at that so he changed sides and is closely affiliated with the JDL and is making a fortune at it.

"Dees refused to have any black lawyers work for him" said Mullins.
This is an extremely good look into the SPLC, called by some as a real hate group.

"The Church of Morris Dees" is what Ken Silverstein wrote in an article in Harper's Magazine and the sub-title is 'How the southern Poverty Law Center Profits from Intolerance':

"King of Fearmongers" is how the Weekly Standard puts it and their sub-title is 'Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center, scaring donors since 1971':

"Morris Dees is a Con Man, Fraud" is what Joseph Farah writes in WND Commenary:

"til the Cash Comes Flowing Like a River...." is what we read here:

Video of a man on the Megyn Kelly show on Fox News about the SPLC and Dees:

On this link  http://www.thesocialcontract.com/artman2/publish/tsc_20_3/index.shtml  you will read:
  *  "SPLC: Poisoning Public Discourse" by Wayne Lutton;
  *  "The /southern Poverty Law Center - An Introduction" by Peter B. Gemma;
  *  "Fighting 'Hate' for profit and Power - The SPLC's Political Agenda Up Close" by John Vinson;
  *  "Cooking the Books on 'Hate' - A Closer Look at SPLC's Famous List" by Steven Menzies;
  *  "The Church of Morris Dees - How the Southern Poverty Law Center Profits from Intolerance" by Ken Silverstein;
  *  "SPLC: America's Left-Wing Hate Machine" by Jerry Woodruff;
  *  "Bashing for Dollars The SPLC's Predatory Game" by Brenda Walker;
  *  "The Hidden Agenda of the SPLC" by Tom Tancredo;
  *  Laird Wilcox talks about the SPLC's Political Agenda;
  *  "The Practice of Ritual Defamation" by Laird Wilcox;
  *  Patrick Cleburn mentions the SPLC in the same line as Bernie Madoff;
  *  "The SPLC Lost $50 Million - They Can Afford It" by Patrick Cleburne;
  *   "Slander Boldly, Something Always Sticks" by John H. Tanton;
  *   "Understanding the Incestuous Relationship between the Mass Media and the SPLC" by Kevin Lamb
...........there is more on this site, but this is a good beginning.  

What is a "hate" group?  The following says that the SPLC is neither reliable nor objective - they have more to say at:

Debbie Morgan of Take Back Washington mentions that the SPLC identified 512 'Patriot' groups in the USA.  When is patriotism "hate"?

With this link you will find: http://www.scottlively.net/2012/08/24/what-every-american-should-know-about-the-southern-poverty-law-center 
 Exposing the SPLC Resource Links;
 Letter to SPLC Spokesman Mark Potok;
 'Hey SPLC, Take Me Off Your Hate - I Mean Hit List';
 Expose the SPLC Blogspot;
 Southern Poverty Law Center Joining pro-Hamas/Hezbollag Groups;
 SPLC - The Wolf Who Cried Hate;
 Homosexuality - What is Wrong With The Southern Poverty Law Center;
 Homosexuality - the Morality Police at the Southern Poverty Law Center;
 When Will the Southern Poverty Law Center Stop Bullying;
 the Southern Poverty Law Center Infiltrates Public Education;
 Homosexuality Labeled Hate Group;
 Southern Poverty Law Center's Lucrative Hate Group Label;
 Thousand Word Pics - SPLC Expands;
 Profiling and Criminalizing Political Dissent;
 Southern Poverty Law Center Identified as HATE GROUP;
 SPLC Continues Scamming the media and Public with Phony Claims;
There are a LOT more on this link - these are just a few highlights.

A Patriot "Hit List"?  What is wrong with this picture?

SPLC Admits Lying About Sheriff Mack:

"The Only Hate Around Here Is To Be Given By Us" it states in an article in the Saint Andrew's News:

"Are You On SPLC's 'Hit' List?" is the question asked by Ron Ewart in the Canada Free Press:

"Southern Poverty Law Fraud Center" is how Pamela Geller writes it and she shows photos of Morris Dees' house.  Holy Cow!  What a magnificent multi-million dollar mansion!  There are several items of interest here:

"SPLC Exposed - Morris Dees and hate crimes" is the header in this from Social Contract Press:

"FBI Dumps Southern Poverty Law Center As Hate Crimes Resource" Austin Ruse wrote on Breitbart;
Can it be that this substantial loss of revenue contributed to the attitude of the SPLC to lash out at anyone and everyone?  Could it be that pointing the accusatory finger at more and more groups that the Spitlickers label as "Hate" groups is meant to bring back the FBI funding?  Or perhaps it is meant to show their high-roller contributors that they are really doing something and thereby keep the cash register ringing?

"The most damning quotes about Dees and the SPLC all come from former associates on the political left"

Even more unpleasant information about Dees and the SPLC:

The well-known Stormfront has more to say about this subject:

These new links were sent to us in August 2016.  Apparently the 'Spitlickers' are not what they want you to think they are.  Click here and see how so many well-meaning people are getting scammed:

..................MANUFACTURED HATE

.................MORRIS DEES FACT SHEET


.................SPLC LAWYER IN TROUBLE?

Why is our book "Hitler in Argentina" and Sharkhunters being attacked?
Sharkhunters been the forefront of the history of the German U-Boat war since February 1983.  Most of the surviving Skippers, many officers and crewmen were Members and personal friends.  They gave us their memories and that is true and honest history - right from the men who were there and waged this war.  Many American and other Allied veterans were Members and gave their history as well.

Your comments are welcome - send to sharkhunters@earthlink.net

For Thirty Years, There Was No Attack Against Sharkhunters........over three decades we became the world's leading archive and publication of the history of the U-Boat phase of World War Two.  No one attacked Sharkhunters.........then we published this book that is ripping away the false story that Adolf Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun-Hitler committed suicide in the Führerbunker as the Red Army closed in - and the attacks against Sharkhunters began!  It has been said to us that such information cannot be allowed by certain people and/or groups because Hitler's suicide would indicate that he was a coward who killed himself in a dingy basement and further, if it were known that he and tens of thousands of people of the Third Reich escaped the ruins of the crumbled Europe and lived out their lives in comfort and safety in Argentina and other South American countries, the entire story of the end of the Third Reich and the death of its leader Adolf Hitler would be shown for what it was - one of the biggest lies of the 20th Century.


Who Said that Adolf Hitler did not die in the Führerbunker?

     CLICK HERE to learn the truth

Where is the body?  If Stalin would have had Hitler's body, it would have been on display in the Kremlin wall.  There was no body on display - because there was NO BODY of Adolf Hitler!

Your comments are welcome - send to sharkhunters@earthlink.net

We have no ax to grind
 - we are neither happy nor sad that Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and all the others escaped.  It is our goal to tell the truth about this history whether it is popular or not.  And so now we realize that our biggest attacker, the SPLC, is seen in a very negative way by an incredible number of people, organizations and publications etc.  As for us - we merely keep on doing what we do - reporting the truth!

AGREE or DISAGREE - We take no position one way or the other regarding whether these comments are true or not.  We merely post them for your viewing and you must make your own decisions.  Any comments?  Send them to us at sharkhunters@earthlink.net 

SALARY - We must also mention here that no one, absolutely NO ONE at Sharkhunters receives a salary of any kind.  We are all volunteers and we keep this history alive because that is what we promised to those who gave us of their time and their wartime memories.

COMMENT - There have been literally hundreds of comments in our favor against the Spitlickers and we obviously cannot print them all, but this one from LARRY KAGAN, Member #5053 makes an especially good point.  Larry emailed us:
"Some creep drops off the SPLC magazine at my gym.  I read it and see we (Sharkhunters) are considered general hate.  Would someone tell me who we generally hate?  I would agree that we have some racist and anti-Semitic members but what would you describe Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright of the Democratic Party?"

LARRY has been a Sharkhunters Member since 1996, is retired US Army Sergeant Major with combat tours in the Middle East and incidentally - LARRY is Jewish.

SPITLICKERS SHAME - That is how the posting from WND starts out.  The headline reads:
"Alabama Judge Cleared - Shame of the Southern Poverty Law Center"     and the text continues:
"The leftist, domestic-terror-linked Southern Poverty Law Center is getting a verbal thrashing for its 'politically motivated' filing against a respected Alabama Supreme Court Justice.  The anti-Christian SPLC activities thought they could bring him down on ethics charges after he appeared on a Christian radio program, but they've just been told to take a hike.  It's back to the drawing board for this 'racketeering outfit'."

Don't you just love a story with a happy ending?  If you have any experience with the SPLC and wish to make a comment, send an email to us at sharkhunters@earthlink.net and we will post it - good, bad or otherwise.  Tell us if you want your name withheld.

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sharkhunters@earthlink.net and take a look at our website www.sharkhunters.com


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