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Hitler in Argentina!


The beginnings of this story and this book came to us in 1984 from DON ANGEL ALCAZAR de VELASCO, Sharkhunters Member #158.  His was a crazy story - he was a German agent during the war; spent the final three or so months of the war in the Führerbunker; that he made a daily report to Adolf Hitler in person - and that he saw Hitler and Eva Braun forcibly drugged and removed from the Führerbunker under orders of Martin Bormann.  Further, that he met with Adolf Hitler in a remote part of the world (Patagonia) in late 1952!  We were certain at this point that he was either crazy or a liar.

To be certain, we checked with PETER HANSEN, Sharkhunters Member #251 who was a high level German agent during the war and also with Captain ROBERT THEW, Member #333 who was an American Intel agent with the Office of Naval Intelligence and later he was with the NSA.  They both said the same - DON ANGEL was exactly who and what he said he was and further, Captain THEW confirmed in 1988 that the Intelligence Community knew that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide; that he did indeed escape to Argentina.

We reported this historical blockbuster in our KTB Magazine way back then and naturally, most thought we were crazy - but we kept digging.  More and more evidence - hard evidence, came to light.  We knew that we had a real story, even though back in the late 1980's and into the 1990's we were looked on as crazies.


We published our first book on Hitler's escape (left) in 2006 then we published "Hitler in Argentina" (above) in 2010 and have continuously been printing and selling the book.

In 2008 Sharkhunters President and author of this book HARRY COOPER, Member #1-LIFE, flew to Argentina for a first-hand look.  As he took a step onto the wooden dock by the nuclear research compound not far from the estate where Hitler had lived, the dock was no longer maintained as the area was deserted - he fell through the rotting dock.....he still has splinters in his arm.

This compound was begun in 1947 by German nuclear scientists - two years after the end of World War Two!  It was abandoned in the early 1950's.


When we broke this story thirty years ago, we were laughed at as loonies, yet it was one of our agents who found all the secret FBI files in the archives and had them declassified.  It was Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER, Member #1-LIFE who has been to Argentina four times and to the secret island Trindade off Rio di Janeiro where the Germans built radio masts in 1938-1939 and who returned in July 1945, two months after the end of the war, to maintain a facility whereby ships and submarines going from the crumbled Europe to a safe haven in Argentina could replenish fresh water and food.  This facility remained in operation until at least 1947 and thousands passed by this facility on their way to freedom and a new life in South America - primarily Argentina.

Fakes, phonies, wannabe historians and outright thieves.
As with any other success story, those who want the fame and money without the work plagiarize, copy and outright steal from those who have done the work.  Many.............most if not all the recently released books on the escape of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun have been copied from our work - some with credits, most without.  A South American researcher filed a lawsuit against those connected with a book entitled 'Grey Wolf, the Escape of Hitler' claiming not only plagiarism but also outright theft of material.  These Johnny-Come-Lately people are no better than hyenas picking at the left-overs from an expert.  So let it be.

COMMENTS and REVIEWS of this book:
We publish any and all reviews and comments about this book - here is one from Economist ELLIS BAXTER, Member #7862:
"As a long time researcher and while writing a book 'The Dollar Wise Life' I was doing research on how Germany recovered from its huge destruction at the end of WW II.  The research involved was a pure financial item.  That said, where I wound up was a shocker.  Given that experience and my 15 years of research on my General Theory on Macro Economics as above, I can say that 'Hitler in Argentina' and 'Hitler and the Secret Alliance' are Required Reading for anyone trying to understand how we arrived where the world is today!
   "I consider these two books vital, but also they break new ground in books.....they are conversational and understandable, easy to follow in such a complex theory and fact based research.  The Cooper book breaks new ground.
   "I cannot stress how important this book is.  There are several great books on the subject.....however, Harry Cooper - a 'citizen of the world writer' lays out the facts.  I understand that much of the information is uncomfortable.  That is the point - it is true.
   "Harry Cooper is a one of a kind writer.  The Ivy League crowd doesn't like this unique writing style.  Of course:
       1.  These folks don't want to know the truth as they are invested in the myth of WW II;
       2.  They understand that Harry Cooper is a force of bringing together former combatants and talking human to human to foster understanding.
   "Folks, I have been on this for 15 years.  If you want to understand the world we live in must understand and KNOW the past.  Harry Cooper is 'aide de camp' to that understanding.
   "This is a top ten book.....join Sharkhunters, buy these two vital books and join the path to understanding and knowledge."

Germans the same as ISIS?  Keep reading to see this incredible comparison.

from James Bauernschmidt:
"How often is the official version of a contemporary event challenged with evidence, which demands a different verdict?  It seems anyone who does this challenging gets branded as a 'conspiracy theorist.'  However, just a little research will reveal evidence contradicting the official version of several major events.
   Now the subject of this book is Hitler's fate after WW II.  One of my professors in the 1980's vehemently maintained the truth of the official story of Hitler's suicide in the bunker.  Suggesting that Hitler escaped to Argentina was just 'too outrageous' and would guarantee falling out of the professor's favor.  But in recent years, evidence supporting Hitler's survival in Argentina has been coming to light.  For example, most of the FBI files have been publicized and can be accessed online.  Copies of several of these files are displayed in this book.
  The first several chapters of the book are the first hand account of Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco, a Spaniard who worked for the Nazis before, during and after WW II.  He gives details about serving in the Bunker the last few months of the war, travelling by submarine helping Martin Bormann escape to Argentina, and his involvement with the Nazis in South America for several years after the war."

Bauernschmidt gave FIVE STARS and soon joined Sharkhunters.

Stairway inside the estate

  from Roger Clark:

The one exception we make is a wannabe expert or critic even though we see nothing in his background that would qualify him to even review the Sears catalog.  His name is Roger Clark and the reason we are not publishing his comments is that it appears that he feels the need to respond in the negative, to each and every positive review posted to Amazon.  We did not count all his messages, but they were many and voluminous.  If linked together, his reviews would be almost as long as this book so let us just say that he does not approve and he loves to write long reviews.

It has been suggested by some that he is paid to attack any new writings on previously accepted false history.  We cannot say because when we emailed Mr. Clark with this question, our emails were not answered.

One must also wonder who had made him their attack dog.

We counted NO LESS THAN 200 "reviews" by Roger Clark when this was prepared.....!  Isn't one review per person sufficient?  Or are all these just meant to drop the average review star levels?  Poor Roger - he actually thinks people care about his rants.  Actually, they pity him.

from Amazon reviewer Smoke & Mirrors:
"To be honest I haven't read the book yet but Harry gave an excellent interview on Coast to Coast AM last Saturday night on Hitler's escape.  He comes off very knowledgeable and credible in his claims backed up by cold hard facts."

He gave this book FIVE STARS.

Photo right is the lookout tower that controlled the approach to the estate where Hitler lived.  It stands today - this photo was taken in January 2008 but it is still there.

  MARCUS WEIDAUER, Member #7725:
"Incredible documentation & new evidence that Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and Martin Bormann escaped and lived in Argentina.  We are not being told the truth in regard to our history and thank God for people like Harry Cooper and the Sharkhunters Organization and their many patrols to uncover truth and history.  A great book."

He gave this book FIVE STARS - Roger Clark felt the need to respond to him.
from Amazon reviewer Harold:
"I was a member of Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society while in college and I have an interest in WW 2 history.  This book may not be considered a formal academic work by some professors. Nevertheless, it presents compelling evidence that Hitler, Bormann and others escaped and lived in Argentina.  Among other things, the book provides details of National Socialist Party members' ties to Argentina, both before and after the war.  The contents of this book represent an alternate theory of Hitler's escape from the Führerbunker, which is thought provoking."

He gave the book FIVE STARS.

  from apparently a Member, JAMES C.:

"Proud to be a part of Sharkhunters."

He gave the book FIVE STARS.

photo left - inside the ruins of the home of Dr. Richter, chief German scientist at the German nuclear research facility on the island near the estate of Hitler.

If you have read this book, your comments - good or bad - are welcome.  Other than possibly cleaning up any really bad language, your words will not be changed.  email your comments to    Thanks in advance.

You may order this book direct from Sharkhunters either by email or call us at 352-637-2917 and we need your name, address, telephone number, VISA or MasterCard number, expiration date and the three digit number on the back of the card.  If you prefer to use PayPal, go to and place your order online there.

Price is just $25 each plus $6 shipping in the USA or $15 anywhere else.  The post office sets these rates, we merely collect what they want.

David Isherwood, himself an author, tells us this:
"Gosh!  Have read your book "Hitler in Argentina which arrived yesterday - excellent."

Bill O'Reilly's "Children's Books".....

from GREG KNUTSON, Member #2874:

GREG called us to tell us that he did not buy the book "Hunting Hitler" written by TV personality Bill O'Reilly because, as he told us;

He does not need to read O'Reilly's children's books when he has the best source of this history with Sharkhunters - his words.

We sent this to Bill O'Reilly but received no reply.

  Corsi's book - trash

from MIKE BAUER, Member #7688:

"Guess this is not news to you but I just saw an ad for 'Hunting Hitler' a new series on History Channel beginning on November 10th at 10pm.
   I just read Jerome Corsi's book and it was trash compared to "Hitler in Argentina".  I wonder how the series will end.  Will the producers admit that Mr. and Mrs. Hitler escaped the bunker?  I doubt it."
    Above is the house built by hand by Otto Mehling in the Andes outside Bariloche.  He was instrumental in setting up the spy ring based at Club Andino.    
from Amazon reviewer Deanna:

"I really got into this book.  Now that I have read this, I shall follow up with a few of the other ones - great work.  Thank you for sharing with those of us living in the dark.  I love the freedom we have in America, but I have come to realize that we are not told everything and we should always look for the truth."

She gave this book FIVE STARS.

Photo right - running the White's metal detector on the grounds of the abandoned nuclear laboratory.

  from BARRY HACKNEY, Member #7659:

"No doubt that O'Reilly (or his ghost writer) published this book on Hitler to keep readers from getting the real story, just as he has done on the death of Patton & the crucifixion of Christ.  He is a disinformation specialist posing as a Christian Konservative.  False histories are the method they use to distort our perceptions & manipulate us into following the globalist agenda."

EDITOR NOTE - This is called 'misinformation' in the Intel world
from Amazon reviewer David W.:

"Harry Cooper has a deep understanding of the German U-Boats and where the Nazis went during and after the fall.  Hitler had several known doubles that were used to thwart his assassination during WW2."

He gave the book FIVE STARS.

Photo right - one of the expedition team in the ruins of the nuclear reactor building in the nuclear research facility.

  from LUIS de GUERRERO OSIO y RIVAS, Member #7923:

"Of course they are out to brand you a hater, but so were all nations by their opponents in every war!  Your fight for the truth on this subject matter is seen as a way to re-define history on its real basis - truth vs. lies; Christ vs. antichrist instead of half-truths vs. outright lies.  What did you expect the Devil to do after your showing him in his underwear with his tail protruding out of his panties?  And remember that lies are to be hated as only the truth shall make you free."

Who can argue with factual evidence?  Many try to dispute hard evidence with approved "history" but it falls of its own weight.

Remembering the departure of the
Germans the first time, in 1941.
  The author at the remains
of the southern radio building
  Remains of the antenna supports


from ROLF ENGLER, Member #7932:

ROLF just joined Sharkhunters in October 2015;

"The truth about our past history must not be compromised, especially by those that want to 'profit' from its distorted history.  The price that many paid with their lives and ruined lives warrants your pursuit for the Truth and vigilance of those that try to stifle it.  You are in my prayers."

  from Amazon reviewer Mauro Zambelli:
     "So so.  It is interesting."
     He gave the book three stars.

Amazon reviewer Michael Danastorg:
"More nonsense.  Nothing more than book selling spam; tantamount to Hitler inventing meth amphetamines or was a Rothschild Jew."
This 'unique' review gave the book one star.

from Amazon reviewer Louis Poi:
    "One of the best books about this subject."
        He gave the book FOUR STARS.

from Amazon reviewer Radoslaw:
     " :) "
     He gave the book FOUR STARS.

from Amazon reviewer Amazon Customer:
     "Very interesting."
     He gave the book FIVE STARS.

from a Kindle Customer:
"Great visit into history with the truth surfacing once again.  A lot of facts presented in this book regarding Nazis escaping to South America including Hitler.  Great reading."      He gave the book FIVE STARS.

  Above is the Eden Hotel some 400 miles NW of Buenos Aires.  Hitler and Eva visited here many times and the girl who waited on them in 1949 told us about it.  That interview is in the book.

Below is the ruined Hotel Viena, built 1945 it had air conditioning and elevators - and a plastic surgery clinic!  It was in full operation well into the 1960's

from Amazon reviewer Jane Heinonen:
"This book made many fascinating claims, this topic is fascinating.  But...can we actually prove even half of them, and how many of those witnesses were right to begin with, is another matter.  Also what always makes me wonder about Hitler's possible escape is that why didn't the other highest ranking nazis escape then?  If they started making plans after the failed Ardennes Offensive (like the book suggests), how come for example Göring, Goebbels or Himmler never made it?  Are we to believe Hitler and Bormann were the only ones of the top nazis that actually escaped and those others couldn't do it, despite the fact that thousands of lower ranking nazis with lesser means also managed to escape?"
He gave the book THREE STARS.

from Amazon reviewer joeyman9:

"Great book whether you buy the premise or not.  If it didn't happen as this book talks about, then it is a good story.  Cloak and dagger stuff and alternate history.

He gave this book FIVE STARS.

  from Amazon reviewer KEVINS:
       "Good book."
     He gave the book FIVE STARS.

from Amazon reviewer Richard DiCosmos:
"Very bad read, a lot of articles, little literary prowess.
    He gave the book one star.
from Amazon reviewer J. Fitz:

"The victors of WW2 continue to do themselves no favors by being so obviously dishonest about events as they really and truly occurred.  Truth must scare them as it's been seventy years now since the war ended and their attitude has not changed!  It is of no surprise personally that Adolf Hitler indeed escaped Berlin as no actual body was ever identified and testimony in words by three SS officers was obviously a cover needed for victors versions of events to sell to the general public.  This book by Mr. Cooper is highly recommended for those who seek historical truth in a world of deceit and lies.  Truth not only sets us free but it also allows the process of Healing to prevail."

He gave the book FIVE STARS.

  from Amazon reviewer Lyndon Taylor:

"A most interesting and informative work on the truth of Hitler's escape from Germany.  The financial and political reality that was known by many and protected by the media.  World War II buffs will appreciate the facts of the matter."

He gave the book FIVE STARS.

Photo left - we visited the home of a German veteran about 400 miles NW of Buenos Aires.

Have you read this book?  If you have, we welcome your input, good or not so good, and we will publish it without editing - except to remove any really harsh words.  Send comments to

from JAY GILLESPIE, Member #747:
"There are times when we all have an 'ah ha' moment and realize that what we were taught, what we learned, and what we thought was just not right.  Harry's unique nature and his love for naval history led him to search and keep searching after he met and became friends with an agent who was there, knew everyone, but was still a bit of a distance that he was not in the spotlight at the end of WW2. But his story alone would be insufficient to be anything more than a story, albeit damned interesting.  Good journalism, dreadfully lacking these days, requires confirmation.  And Harry was able over the years to find multiple sources for confirmation.  And the fact that documents here and in Russia were declassified didn't hurt.  And the fact that Mengele, Stern - their escapes are common knowledge along with countless scientists, researchers and even high ranking military who ended up in the hands of the Allies and the Soviets.  Everyone wanted something from Germany or even to keep it/them out of the hands of others.  As the story progressed after the war, why would President Eisenhower, the Supreme Commander of Allied Europe, go to a remote hotel in Argentina where he was photographed?  Coincidence?  You make up your own mind.  Harry has written a clear, well documented, first person source material story.  Is it just a story?  You decide.  But now you have something to read and consider.  If there is a fault, it just might be the commercials for Sharkhunters.  Yes, they are there and often.  And anyone with an interest should consider joining.  I was privileged to join in 1987.  Sharkhunters is a neutral organization, unlike many others, run by a man who values history and has dedicated his life to preserving first-person accounts of what really happened.  Buy the book.  You won't be disappointed."
He gave the book FIVE STARS.

  Photo left - the author at Hotel Eden

from Amazon reviewer Nipper:

"The poorly written 'book' is an embarrassment to the reader.  It is, without question, one of the worst purchases and investments of time that I have ever made.  Consequently, this writer does NOT endorse this nonsense."

He gave the book one star.

from Amazon reviewer waterguy:

"Good stuff."

He gave the book FOUR STARS.

from Amazon reviewer milrevko:

"Hitler died a nice comfortable death in South America."

He gave the book FIVE STARS.

Photo left is wealthy Austrian arms dealer Fritz Mendel.  He gave his wife to Hitler for a night in order to secure arms contracts.  Her name was Hedwig Eva Marie Kiesler.  When she escaped and came to America and made movies, we knew her better as Hedy Lamarr.

Mendel fled to Argentina at the end of WW II and continued to supply arms to various armies.  He had many mansions and one castle scattered around Argentina.
from Amazon reviewer Bonedog:

"Boring and far fetched."

He gave this book one star.

from Amazon reviewer Sam Yaksich:

"Very pleased with product and seller."

He gave the book FIVE STARS.

Photo right - the lookout tower at the Hotel Viena.  One might wonder why would a luxury resort, built with German money in the closing days of the war, located in an extremely remote spot 400 miles NW of Buenos Aires needed a very tall lookout tower......

  from PETE BATALAS, Member #7722:

"I am a college student and I just got the time to finish reading your book (Hitler in Argentina) and I have to say I couldn't leave the book down as it was so interesting to see what actually happened to the Führer after the war.  I wanted to thank you for writing the true history of what happened to Adolf Hitler as it was a great read and as I have been studying WW2 I knew that Hitler couldn't have died in the bunker."
from Amazon reviewer Robert Suffecool:

"First off I read the kindle version and I found no editing flaws or problems sometimes associated with electronic books.  The scanned documents were difficult to see large enough to read without dropping off the page.  Lots of pictures although they came out small you could still see them well enough.  I found the writing style of the author engaging and his book well researched.  In fact Harry Cooper probably knows more about German U-Boats than any other person alive today through his organization Sharkhunters.  This was a quick read and even with stopping to look at things took about 6 hours for me.  I find it refreshing when an author gets right to the point and does not blather on to fill pages.  Although I enjoyed the book he probably should have used a different title that would encompass the fact that Hitler and so many other Nazis escaped from Germany in the final days of the war.  I find his evidence that Hitler escaped compelling as you will too that he did not die in the bunker.  I have always marveled at what the Nazis were able to accomplish when you can remove all morality from the equation.  I know other reviewers have had things to say about the author that he was a Nazi.  Keep in mind that he is an historian and although he had a few negative things to say about the allies such as the winner writes the history, he had lots of negative things to say about the madman too.  Although I like the subject matter too as you will, it does not mean you forward to the coming of the Fourth Reich!  I would like to see Cooper release one of his documentaries or make a documentary for the History Channel."

He gave the book FOUR STARS.

These pictures of German scenes still hang in Hotel Viena

  from reviewer Stewart Braeman:

"I live in the city of Coventry in the UK.  I first heard of Sharkhunters on YouTube whilst researching Adolf Hitler's escape.  Your work is brilliant and so interesting.  I would love to join you on a tour to Germany."

from Amazon reviewer Robert Ullman:

"Fascinating.  New information for me.  Seems to be well corroborated."

He gave the book FIVE STARS.

from Amazon reviewer Karl Malan:

"Pure fantasy."

He gave the book one star.

from reviewer Marc Bolinger:

"I recently watched the Netflix (in Spanish) story where this was told.  I was never a 'conspiracy' guy.  I didn't want to believe the great USA was capable of hiding and/or lying to us about anything important.  You need to put out a new and improved version with your information on Netflix.  No disrespect to original but many people are lazy and dumb and don't have the patience to read captions.  Plus you give an expert type of opinion.  You have a history of U-Boat knowledge before this story that gives credibility.  Back to government.  No one likes a history changer, especially if the US had any involvement.  This means please do it!" if you have read this book and would like to comment.

from Amazon reviewer Dr. Victor S. Alpher:
"This is certainly an unusual book.  Were I not fairly well versed in this period of history, I wouldn't believe a word.  However, no student of the 20th history can be so naive as not to believe that many powerful individuals managed to protect and shelter this German's government elite at the conclusion of WW II.  The premise of the book is a narrative by an intelligence operative who helped Martin Bormann escape to Argentina through Spain, and a U-Boat trip across the Atlantic.  We know that U-Boats were on various missions at the end of the war, and this one surprises me not in the least.  It is sometimes said - there's what you know is true, and what you can prove!  This book goes a long way to supporting the general thesis that the 'Ratline' or 'ODESSA' was much more extensive than we've been allowed to have evidence for up through the 21st century.  The active nazis who expected a rise of Germany within 10 years did not get to see the powerplay of pitting the U.S. versus the U.S.S.R. work out in their lifetimes, but the outcome of the seeds of that struggle has yet to be decided."

     He gave the book FIVE STARS.

Two photos above - secret facility some 400 miles NW of Buenos Aires

EDITOR NOTE to david falcone; Cooper is not laughing all the way to the bank as he gets no money from the book and no salary of any kind from Sharkhunters.  All proceeds go into Sharkhunters to find and disseminate this history.

  from Amazon reviewer PR:
"I like this book, but found parts of it written extremely poorly.  It is hardly an academic work.  I am thinking Harry Cooper is not an academic, but a researcher who knows his topic.  Much of the book centers around a Spanish spy from WW II who has an amazing story to tell.  I do not know if it is a true story, but there certainly does seem to be some true elements here.  I believe Hitler got away, and I believe there are a lot of folks who not only knew about it, but assisted and profited from it."
He gave the book FOUR STARS.

from Amazon reviewer Jim Hutchinson:
"This book was interesting.  All of us already know how much our government lies to us about history.  Hitler said it best when he said the victors will write the history."
He gave the book FOUR STARS.

from Amazon reviewer david falcone:
"If this were a US courtroom, the judge would dismiss the 'evidence' that Cooper puts forth as hearsay.  It is all a bunch of he said, she said wrapped in logical fallacies leading to pure conjecture.  Cooper is laughing all the way to the bank with this garbage.  The myth of Hitler in Argentina is almost as fake as the fairy tale of the 'Holocaust' and that is saying a lot."
He gave the book one star.


from Amazon reviewer James H. Connett:
"Very interesting; raises a lot of unanswered questions.  As a resident of Paraguay with frequent trips to Argentina this book is especially interesting."
    He gave the book FIVE STARS.

from Amazon reviewer Kenneth A. Wade:
        He gave the book FOUR STARS.

Photo right - the eldest son of Adolf Eichmann raised the Swastika Flag over their little house and he began to wear the Swastika armband in protest.

  from Amazon reviewer Travis Andersen:

"Pretty good book.  Not quite as many interviews as I thought, but very insightful.  My principal in high school was a Mormon missionary in Argentina and he told me about meeting Hitler's physician.  This man answered all his questions openly until he asked if Hitler was alive.  The one question he refused.  It all makes a lot of sense.  Quick read too, finished in a day - hah!

    He gave the book FIVE STARS.
from Amazon reviewer Amazon Customer:
"Amazing detail and declassified and eye witness testimony that Hitler did indeed survive and escape to Argentina.  Highly recommended reading."
         He gave the book FIVE STARS.

from Amazon reviewer SteveO:
"A poorly written, self-promoting adventure in heresay."

in addition to his poor spelling and grammar, he gave the book one star.

  from Amazon reviewer matthew j brinck:
"How the government has been lying to us for years!!"
         He gave the book FIVE STARS.

from Amazon reviewer chris walker:
"Fascinating if true."

        He gave the book FIVE STARS.

Incredible!  For just about every positive review on Amazon, this wannabe critic Roger Clark feels the need to send a rebuttal to the person who has given their honest review and he feels the need to ridicule them for liking the book.  He is a nobody attempting to do nothing constructive but to feel good about himself by these attacks.  I am reminded of a comment by our pastor who said that whenever someone, through hard work and diligence, is doing well - there are always those who cannot achieve anything on their own who try to bring him down.  It makes them feel good that, even though they cannot contribute anything meaningful at all - they love to destroy.  So it is with Roger.

So let's all keep a good thought for this poor loser.  He is to be pitied more than anything.  He never did reply when we asked him who was paying him to attack our book and others that dispute the 'approved' version of history we were taught in school.  Poor Roger.....

Someone named Hank took Roger to task & he emailed:

"Get a life Clark.  You're wasting your time, unless you're bought and paid for bashing Harry Cooper's book.  Maybe join one of Harry Cooper's expeditions to Argentina.  Harry will show you the places where Hitler, Bormann, Mengele, Kammler, Priebke, Eichmann, Ronald Richter and several other Nazi warcriminals have lived.  If you're lucky you will be joined by one of the former agents that handed over to Harry the declassified and approved documents from FBI, CIA etc. on Hitler in Argentina.  If you don't have the money, listen to some of the radio shows Jeff Rense and Jim Marrs have done with Harry Cooper.  They will guide you to the interesting photographs Harry made in Argentina the last 20 years.  Possibly they will open up your brainwashed creepy mind for the facts you so far were not willing to see."

Roger Clark made a feeble attempt at rebuttal but all it turned out to be was more of his rhetoric which was 'my mind is made up - don't confuse me with facts.'

Really pitiful Roger.  Maybe you should do what Hank suggests and get a life - unless of course, you really ARE paid to attack this book.

above - SS officer Friedolyn Guth on a bench in Buenos Aires

below - Dr. Josef Mengele at the home of Sr. Malbranc, friend of Juan Perón after the war.

  from Amazon reviewer Michael Pugh:
" Excellent new book which sheds new light on the escape."
      He gave the book FIVE STARS.

from Amazon reviewer Jack Ruttle:
"Having spent time working in Argentina, was interesting as always heard lots of rumors while there."   He gave FOUR STARS.

from Amazon reviewer Linda Piazza:
"Gift - the person loved it."
   She gave the book three STARS.

from Amazon reviewer curlylox:
"Husband likes reading about Hitler."
   She gave the book FOUR STARS.

from Amazon reviewer TRE73116:
"Fast delivery item was exactly as described."
    He gave the book FIVE STARS.
from Amazon reviewer Amazon Customer:
"I had learned some of this information during the 1980's and it was good to see that substantial revision of this work occurred in 2014 when FOIA finds were attached to the book showing that the CIA had excellent knowledge of Hitler's presence in South America.  The photo of the American president visiting this remote hideout was extraordinary.  Well worth the purchase if you can ignore some of the overly self serving advertising of the Sharkhunters."
     He gave the book FOUR STARS.

As expected, Roger Clark sent him one of his comments to indicate that this reviewer was stupid, but that brought another harsh rebuttal from 'Hank' who wrote:
"No better publicity than a sucker like this Clark who is all over the place trying to spread his nonsense about Harry Cooper's wonderful book that will be published in German, French and Russian one of these days."

EDITOR NOTE - It is already available in English, French and Spanish.  It is currently being translated into German, Portuguese & Italian.  This book is a best-seller in English.  Sorry Roger; suggest you find another hobby.

Another photo of Josef Mengele on the front porch of the house of Sr. Malbranc, a friend of Perón.

  from Amazon reviewer William & Erika:
"Received as advertised and satisfied."
    They gave the book FIVE STARS.

This of course, brought the now-usual clown comments from Clark, but this time he merely said that William and Erika should just shut up.  Appears Clark is lost for words

from Amazon reviewer Jane Vaughan:
"This is an entertaining read.  I look at it as a novel that may have some truth.  It could be better written because there are gaps and assumptions that must be made but for entertainment it does have value.  I am left wondering, like the x-files, truth is out there.  If only we had more evidence now that the main players are gone; what happened next?"    She gave the book FOUR STARS.

What happened next was yet another bit of blowhard nothing from Clark telling Jane just how stupid she is.  What a guy......
from Amazon reviewer Writer John:
"Well written and researched.  Doesn't matter how you feel about Hitler, this book raises great questions and opens a debate that needs to be talked about."
He called it a great book and gave it FIVE STARS.

from Amazon reviewer Lee Lizik:
"You'll be sucked in like reading a novel and realize this is an actual account of the last days in the bunker.  Wow!  Names, dates, passage ways, verification of facts.  Prepare yourself for an adventure."
He gave the book FIVE STARS.

from Amazon reviewer paul kaalen:
He gave the book FIVE STARS.

Naturally, Roger felt the need to comment to each of these people to tell them how stupid they are.

Luna Park in Buenos Aires

  from Amazon reviewer M. Weidauer:
"Incredible documentation and new evidence that Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and Martin Bormann escaped and lived in Argentina.  This book is being translated into many different languages.  We are not being told the truth in regard to our history and thank God for people like Harry Cooper and the Sharkhunters Organization and their many patrols to uncover truth and real history.  A great book to read."
     He gave the book FIVE STARS.

EDITOR NOTE - Most Americans are aware of the massive Third Reich rallies held in Madison Square Garden...but almost no one knew about the same kind of rallies that were held in Luna Park (Buenos Aires) and many other large cities in South America at the same time.

Even today there are celebrations on 20 April (Hitler's birthday) in many South American cities and villages.......

Have you read this book?  If you have, we welcome your input, good or not so good, and we will publish it without editing - except to remove any really vulgar words.  Send comments to

from Amazon reviewer PDXskeptic:
"I really wanted to enjoy this book, but being so badly written and apparently unedited, it was a struggle.  I'm in lock-step with the premise that so many Nazi leaders escaped, as I've done further research with the FBI documents and all.  But Harry's book is badly put together - it's a shame.  I read it, cover to cover, but it was difficult.  Mr. Cooper should have a DVD, filmed his research.  Hitler was wronged by history."
     He gave the book three stars.

from Amazon reviewer Denis Molloy:
"I have always believed that Hitler and his close advisors escaped Europe, but it is now gratifying to know how they did it.  The tragic problem remains that the bulk of the world will find it hard to swallow."
   He gave the book FIVE STARS.

from Amazon reviewer Weygand:
"The stage is set masterfully.  This book really makes one contemplate the possibility we have been misled by the media and global politics.  It certainly gives the reader material that he might not have been exposed to before."   He gave the book FIVE STARS.

above - One of the homes of Dr. Josef Mengele in Buenos Aires.  He had three and this in a very wealthy section, backed up to the luxurious home of Perón.

below - Juan Perón at the home of the great Luftwaffe pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel in Argentina.

    from Amazon reviewer Francis Kenney:
"The biggest bunch of contradictory hogwash I ever had to suffer through.  Riddled with lies, bas assumptions, and ridiculous jumped to conclusions.  There is no doubt some Nazis made their way to Argentina but the junk this author puts out is a shameful disgrace and a theft of the reader's money.  This author should be locked up for fraud.  Better yet send him to Argentina to live with good ole uncle Adolph."
     He gave the book one star.

EDITOR NOTE - Actually the FBI files prove that Hitler did indeed, escape to Argentina and he is Adolf - not Adolph.

from Amazon reviewer Ned:
"If this is accurate - and I challenge anyone to challenge Harry Cooper and his team of researchers otherwise; changes approaches school education, conventional history teaching, government policy....for goodness sake one and all, wake up!  Please buy and read and even write to your MP."
    He gave the book FIVE STARS.
from Amazon reviewer Brian:
"This is one of the most fascinating books I've ever read.  I enjoy the author's easy reading and simple style of writing.  He has researched this topic for almost thirty years and has known and talked to many surviving members of Hitler's inner circle.  You are reading it from the 'horse's mouth' instead of some intellectual or academic study.
   I have watched every documentary about Hitler's death and none of them have convinced me this far.  Harry Cooper is internationally recognized expert on WW 2 German U-Bootwaffe; the claim that the author is attached to some neo-nazi groups are entirely made up fiction from the liberal media which would have us believe their cherry picked versions of history and not the truth.  The article that was written about the Sharkhunters tours in the liberal rag known as 'the intelligence report' which was once a great magazine  has turned into a liberal gossip rag like the enquirer.  The FBI dropped them from their research sources last year due to this."
        He gave the book FIVE STARS.

Naturally the lap dog Clark felt the need to send a message to Brian, only to receive this scathing reply:
"Roger, it doesn't really matter what I believe about the book.  I infer from your writings that anyone with an open mind 'must' believe that you are correct, or be forced to read your intellectual diatribes and contrarian views - that is your prerogative.  However, I DO NOT AGREE with you.  I am not an intellectual or paid critic of historical works, but I believe that the book is historically accurate.  Harry doesn't research from a computer in the comfort of his home with a labrador lying by the fireplace.  He does his research from 'boots on the ground' travelling to the places, conducting personal interviews and records that were there.  This is my last treatise on the subject because Amazon readers should not be subjected to 'labrador chasing it's tail' discussions.  They should read this excellent book and decide for themselves if Hitler did escape from the bunker."

EDITOR NOTE - After that thrashing, Clark had little of substance to reply.  It would appear that the 'labrador' had his tail between his legs.

above - one of the two radio facilities built by the Germans early in 1939 on Trindade.

below - photo of the same area taken by the author, Harry Cooper in 2009.

Author Harry Cooper was here in 2009 with the permission and great assistance of the Brazilian Navy.  To see many photos of this area, go to our site and select PREVIOUS TOURS from the dropdown menu then click on BRAZIL.  It will open your eyes.

OBRIGADO to the Navy of Brazil!

    from Amazon reviewer James:
"Hitler in Argentina is hard to follow as a reader.  It is structured strangely, and is in serious need of a professional editor to achieve a better flow of all the information being presented.  It literally feels as if someone is scotchhopping little bits of info here, and little bits there and not offering many coherent transitions between all of this information."
     He gave the book two stars.

from Amazon reviewer Kevin Rowland:
"I really enjoyed reading the book.  It clearly makes one think that MSM story about Hitler death could be a lie.  It's the kind of book that you want to read again."

       He gave the book FIVE STARS.

Is it any surprise that the village idiot - sorry, we should say Clark, felt the need to send a comment and try to intimidate this reviewer for telling his honest opinion?  No, but his comments are all cut from the same drivel that he is the one and only critic whose views are meaningful but since he repeats and repeats the same tired old baloney, he is like the mail truck that rattles past your house every day at 9am.  It makes so much noise, meaningless noise, that you do not pay any attention to it......and so it is with poor old Clark.  Nobody but the easily led even bother with his rants and tirades any longer.  He has been demoted to the level of an old milk truck......or a labrador.
  The author and his family October 2015.  He is not a Nazi, neo or otherwise.  He is a Republican - on the Republican Executive Committee in fact he was an officer of the REC., carried a SECRET clearance in the Air Force and was a Flotilla Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard (Aux.)  Sorry, no Nazi there.

No fireplace in use in the home and the Labrador died twenty years ago.  Maybe he should buy another Labrador and name him Roger.  No, that would be too cruel to the dog.

JAMES R. KOESTLER, Member #7495 added this:
Thank you for your continued efforts to educate public about true historic events.  There are global human assets that were present at the time of WW II and their devotees that benefit from contrived stories presented as true historic events.  Unfortunately several are American but are no longer committed to American Sovereignity or continued existence of our country.  Many are in the upper positions of power here and abroad."

from Amazon reviewer Raymond Kurtz:
"Last year a story came out of Russia.  The Russians had since the end of the war possessed a skull with a bullet hole in it that was a war trophy.  It came from Hitler's bunker in Berlin and it was stated to be Hitler's skull.  A forensic anthropologist was in Russia analyzing the skull and found that it was actually a female skull; that the Russians indeed did not have Hitler's skull.  I believe anything is possible.  As good as the Nazi Party was at chronicling their deeds, they were equally good at covering them up.  Some of the Nazis that went to South America were never found.  Anything is possible."




above - the same area photographed by Cooper when he was on the island.  It was a very long trek over very tough terrain to reach the remains of the old radio facility at the southern end of the island. to see photos of the remains of the radio shack.

                 "Hitler in Argentina" is the first of our books in the 'Hitler Escape' series;
                 "Hitler and the Secret Alliance" is the second book in this series...........
     .........the next book in this series is in process right now!  Announcement coming soon.

                                                        A Whole Bunch of "Back and Forth" from Amazon Reviews.

Amazon reviewer 'Alte Adler' commented to Raymond Kurtz:
"There is absolutely no question Bormann died in Berlin while escaping the bunker.  DNA and dental plates on his body found during construction a few years ago, confirm what eye witnesses also escaping the Bunker testified to."

EDITOR NOTE - Alte Adler is German for 'Old Eagle'.

Amazon reviewer R. Rykoff replied to the old eagle:
"A. Adler.  Your comment is pretty worthless.  Why?  'There is no question...' is a totally unsupported assertion i.e. w/o evidence - which means it is worthless.
   re: 'DNA and dental plates' and 'eyewitnesses' you are either unaware or obfuscating the fact that re DNA and autopsy 'evidence' - these can be utterly meaningless when 'official bodies' who are doing the bidding of the 'authorities' do the 'analysis'.
   re: dental plates - come on, get real!  It has been SOP for decades (or longer) to switch dental records so that the records quoted are or a double and/or patsy.  (And it is a documented fact that Hitler - and most modern political leaders also used doubles.)  And obviously even to an intelligent pre-teen, 'witnesses' can be bought, planted or threatened to say what  the establishment cover story requires.
   You apparently subscribe to a fairy tale Walt Disney version of history which is contradicted by, among other things THE FACT that both Eisenhower and Stalin thought Hitler escaped and was still alive months after his supposed 'suicide'.  I dare say they were in a position to know a hell of a lot more than you; probably infinitely more!  Also Hitler was known to have been adamantly opposed to suicide and said so to a high level fellow Nazi in the spring of 1945.
   In addition to this, Albert Speer said in is memoir that the figure he saw and dealt with in the bunker in the last weeks of the war did NOT look nor act like the Hitler he knew.  Your unsupported assertions against actual evidence and logical analysis suggest either extreme naivete or willful distortion on your part.  Which is it?"

Note that the book is:  "The DOCUMENTED Truth of
Hitler's Escape from Berlin

It says nothing about theories,
 guesses or fairy tales.
This is all FACT!

from the Editor - we thought it would be helpful to add some of the back and forth comments about this book that people sent.

Amazon reviewer R. Rykoff also takes to task R. Clark, now known as the 'Labrador':

"Please see my post to A. Adler.  Your comments are simply re-assertions of the establishment cover story and make no sense.  I would address the same question to you as to A. Adler except that your extensive comments would suggest it is not naivete on your part but something darker; i.e. that you are a in reality a disinformation agent."

The 'Labrador' replied with the same tired, old drivel that more or less says he is the know-all, be-all and end-all in history when he is in fact, none of those.  Poor Roger.
from new Member MIKE ANDRIECHACK:
"Been laughing my arse off @ the History Channel!  Everything is a mega-production!  Lack of reality TV!"

a Member, a lady who does not want her name used:
"Hang in there, dear Friend.  We must support each other and fight together.  A friend of mine, a retired Marine veteran, told me that he saw on the History Channel the dreaded show 'Hunting Hitler'.  When I told him how they got the information, it was clear to him that they are nothing but scum.  He then understood why they acted on the show as if they had discovered Hitler's place in Argentina and on and on.  I gave him your website and encouraged him to become a Member of Sharkhunters."
  Germans compared to ISIS!

from WALTER KRAUS, Member #3926:
"There is no hope for the History Channel's 'Hunting Hitler' when they compare the Germans to ISIS!"

reply from Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER, Member #1-LIFE:
"Holy shit!  They did this? I simply refuse to watch it; filled with crap I am sure...and now this?  Simply amazing what they can get away with...if they pander to or are controlled by certain people."

back from KRAUS:
"Yes, they did!  Last episode."

Editorial comment from HARRY COOPER, Member #1-LIFE:
With input from so many people telling us that this series is infused through and through with "German bashing" and now this comparison between the Germans of World War Two and ISIS of today plainly shows the overload of bias from the series combined with tired, old and untrue wartime propaganda.  This is not a series aimed at getting to a historical breakthrough - this appears to be nothing more than a continuation of the old, tired and false wartime propaganda.  If one takes a hard look at this series and where it is going, that is very clear - it is more propaganda than true history.
SS were Horrible Men - That is what we were told during the war years and even on until today.  We must first realize there is a huge difference between the Algemein SS and the Waffen SS.  The latter were the combat soldiers of World War Two and every American soldier I have talked with who was up against the Waffen SS in combat has the highest respect for these true warriors.  They were the toughest fighters of World War Two.  I personally know many veterans of the Waffen SS and they are all honorable men.  During our "Patrols" in which Sharkhunters brings Americans to Europe to meet their counterpart, American and German veterans who fought against each other seventy or more years ago become fast friends.
U-Boaters Murder Helpless Men in the Water - This is another totally false piece of propaganda that is perpetuated by people who have not bothered to do any research at all.......merely parrot what they heard; what we were told during the war years.  In truth, the U-Boaters were incredibly honorable.  In the early days of the war when it was safe for U-Boats to surface, they frequently gave medical aid to the men in the lifeboats.  Many times they would hit a ship with one torpedo, disabling the ship but the U-Boat Skipper held the next torpedo to finish off the ship until the crew got safely into the lifeboats.  Many U-Boaters have told of such assistance; one of our Members was an officer on an American ship that was sunk in the Atlantic.  He told that the U-Boat came alongside his lifeboat and asked if anyone needed medical help.  On being told none did, the German Skipper gave them a compass and told them what course to steer to reach land.  Then he said that he would like to give them some water, but their desalinator was he gave them a couple cases of beer!

The motto of Sharkhunters is:  "Yesterday's Enemies are Today's Friends"      It is sad that such productions that claim to bring true history to light do nothing more than repeat the tired old FALSE propaganda.  'Anything to make a buck?'  That is a sad commentary on our country.

Remember - your comments, good, bad or otherwise are welcome here.  Send to

If you have read this book, your comments - good or bad - are welcome.  Other than possibly cleaning up any really bad language, your words will not be changed.  email your comments to    Thanks in advance.

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