Hitler's Hidden
Estate in Patagonia
  Secret German
Nuclear Laboratory
  Secret German
Training Facility
  German Hotel with Plastic
Surgery Clinic into the 1960's


 "Hunting Hitler" (Scroll down for reviews of this foolish TV series)

Further along on this page you will read about possible scams, frauds and WHO WENT TO PRISON!



These two history smashing books tell the entire story.  Our best selling book "Hitler in Argentina" tells with absolute fact, that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did indeed escape the crumbling Reich, fled from Berlin and settled in a plush estate in a faraway corner of Argentina some 700 miles southwest of Buenos Aires.

Even today, that area is very remote but in the years 1945 through at least the end of the 1960's, San Carlos di Bariloche may as well have been on the dark side of the moon!  It was that remote and removed from prying eyes.

Open your eyes - forget the fairy tales you were taught in school and in today's media.  Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did not commit suicide.

Harry Cooper, the world's foremost source on the escape of Hitler, Eva Braun and thousands of the crumbled Third Reich explains all.


For much more information on the escape of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and thousands of others, go to www.sharkhunters.com   Click on the image of the books above for the description of the book, for comparisons to other such books, for honest reviews and for comments.

"Hunting Hitler" the TV (comedy??) series.
As one might imagine, we were more than a little upset that this TV series would come out claiming that they are the ones that learned that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun lived out their lives in Argentina.  They are all excited about the FBI documents that were declassified last year, in 2014.  Thanks to S.E.I.G. Agent TAUCHER, we had those files six years ago!  Members and others alike emailed us with their honest comments on this TV series.  Here we will publish them all - the good and the.........well, the other kind.  You are welcome to comment on the series too.  Say whatever you want, we will print your comments.

WALTER KRAUS, Member #3926 sent us links to many magazines etc. like these:
"Hokum-filled History Series....." from MediaLife.  ".....viewers will find little worthy of their time."

"Hunting Hitler becomes just another silly reality show....." from Variety.  ".....might well have been Monty Python's machine that goes BING."

More reviews - good or bad - will be posted as they come in.  If you have read a review on this series, please email it to us.

NANCY DUBUC - where are you?  Nancy Dubuc is the CEO of A&E Television, the parent company of 'History' formerly called The History Channel.  We have called her several times at (212) 210-1400 and also at (212) 730-0232 to ask for her input, comments and/or opinion, but she does not lower herself to speak with us.  We have written to her several times at A&E; 235 E. 45th Street; New York City; NY 10017 but she has never replied.............didn't even have a flunky communicate with us.  Maybe you would have better luck?

Our letters of 23 October and 5 December 2015 have been ignored.  Maybe our letter of 20 January 2016 will have better results.

No Masks or Fins - 19 January 2016 LOREN CHARLES, Member #3818 emailed this:
"I checked out the 'Hitler in Argentina' page and found it very amusing to see you and other Sharkhunters Members on the beach in front of Adolf's retirement home.  Guess you didn't find it necessary to don masks, fins and snorkel for the clandestine operation - 6 years before the bogus TV series."

Series Jammed in England?
17 January - 2016 S.E.I.G.. Agent MARCONI emailed this:
"The Hitler programmes recently being screened here in UK on cable TV have stopped before the final episode was shown and no explanation has been offered."
   EDITOR NOTE - Maybe the viewers in the UK woke up to the joke that was being played on them before anyone else did?

18 January 2016 - a Member who is retired Secret Service and wishes to remain anonymous emailed:
"Loved the parody of the SpecOps you guys and gals did!!!"
EDITOR NOTE - He refers to the idiotic, phony staged 'clandestine' approach to the estate where Hitler lived in which a guy in a rubber suit was filmed rolling off a rubber boat and 'stealthily' crawling up on the beach at the estate as if that were necessary.  This was NOT necessary!  It was a staged event meant to give the show some hype and suspense.  When our 'guys and gals' as he mentions, went to this estate in 2009, we grounded our two rented cabin cruisers on the beach and boldly walked across the 150 feet of grass to the house.  There were no guards, no security and no reason for this phony assault.  Any SEAL who watched that is probably still convulsed in laughter!  It was all for shock, hype and suspense to help sell more air time.  The place has been deserted since Hitler and Eva moved out decades ago, so there was absolutely no real reason for this phony clandestine landing.

Here is the photographic evidence of the clandestine, careful and sneaky 'assault' that is necessary when our Sharkhunters group arrived.


Note our highly trained assault personnel;
two beautiful young women and a bunch of old men!


Nobody told us that we needed rubber
suits or camouflage gear...................





'Assault Team Leader' COOPER
and a highly trained operative


Two skilled insertion and assault specialists waiting to hit the beach!
Oh wait - we are already ON the beach!





.....and here is our highly trained and well skilled assault team at the estate.  It is highly unlikely that you will see any of us because we came ashore so stealthily and we are so well disguised - like the fake SEAL in the TV series and you just cannot see us.  You can?  Must be something wrong with our camo gear.

What is so idiotic about this entire situation is that the TV series makes it appear that this is something they just found in 2014.  Our Sharkhunters group was here in 2009!  And COOPER was here in 2008.

So where, we ask you, is the hot news?  Appears that the History Channel is way behind the times and it is really sad that this series tries to convince the viewer that they are the first ones here or that they discovered something new.  They did not - but there is no profit in old news unless it can be made to appear as brand new and exciting.

Humbling Praise from an Expert!  DICK ALLGIRE, Member #7990 is an established and well experienced TV news reporter for nearly four decades.  18 January 2016 he emailed this:
"I heard you on the radio show with JEFF RENSE, (Member #7680) and you just ooze authenticity.  I bought your book and read it.  I believe it.  Hell, what's not to believe?  It's all documented.  As a journalist, I investigate things for myself and I am proud to be a Member of your organization.  You do good work."

from NICK REVELIOTTY, Member #6839:
"Saw the TV program 'Hunting Hitler' last nite.  What a loser.  Nothing new, not even much that was old.  A lot of reliance on FBI reports which were all B.S."

from Stewart Braeman:
"I watched the documentary Hunting Hitler - it was crap!!  At one point they were suggesting that he lived underground. What a load of cods."

from Lane Crabtree:
"I had to watch the show to see how they were going to distort the whole thing.  It was full of lies and propaganda.  I won't go into those points but if you watched it you will agree I'm sure.  They will stretch it out for as many episodes as possible I'm sure.  After all, Harry Cooper could have told the WHOLE STORY in one TWO HOUR EPISODE and been done with it.  It's more a Nazi beatdown rather than an investigation.  One guy even called himself a longtime Nazi hunter.  Ha Ha.  Oh well, we'll see if they ever get to the truth of the matter."

EDITOR NOTE - Of course they will milk it for as many episodes as possible.  They sell more advertising space that way.

from Ted Nohava:
"I'd haul their ass into court if they plagiarized anything Harry.  I watched about 30 minutes of this show and decided I'd had enough.  These fools are a bunch of yo-yos."


from STEPHEN GATES, Member #7241:
"Harry - have you seen the TV series Hunting Hitler?  Seems they have taken your books to TV (infringement?) spoke on the 2014 release of classified FBI files and the fact that everybody had come to the conclusion AH had not died in as was stated to the general public.  They started in Sharata, Argentina and showed the evidence found of bunkers and strong German support with pictures and interviews with older residents - going to be a series I guess.  Very interesting and follows your book somewhat so far in a lot of aspects - will have to see how far they go?"

more from Stewart Braeman:
"I don't mean to go on about it but I was talking to a man in the library today who watched the program on the so called History Channel last night and apparently they are now saying Hitler lived in a stone hut in the jungle and ate tins of corned beef.  Ha Ha.  Yea right - I don't think so."

EDITOR NOTE - We released photos of that stone hut a couple years ago and it sure was NOT a place where Hitler lived.  Corned beef?  Hitler was a vegetarian!  The TV bunch should get their BS stories right.



A great fuss has been made about the ruins of the stone hut in Missiones Province which, the so-called 'Hitler Hunters' claim they just found and also claim this is where Hitler was, if even for a short time.  ABSOLUTELY FALSE on all counts!

*  They did not 'just find' this place.  As we see in the graffiti below left, people have been coming here for some time.

*  These photos were shot in 2007!  They were sent to us several years ago by our friend Martin Gomez....so where is the 'brand new' aspect claimed by these guys?

*  It was initially thought that this was a place used by Martin Bormann and it certainly was not a place where Adolf Hitler hid out for years as the History Channel implies.


They claim that they discovered this place in 2015.  COOPER went there in February 2016 that this is a provincial park!  It has been open to the public, complete with a map to these ruins, since 1995!  So what did they discover?  We are told there is a scene where these guys "find" Third Reich coins and medicine bottles here and they claim this proves that Hitler not only lived here but that he was a drug addict.  The Park Rangers told us that the film crew brought these coins and bottles to the site, tossed them about on the ground then filmed themselves "finding" them to prove their point!

from MARK 'SWEDE' ERICKSON, Member #5233-LIFE:
"The 'History Channel' is a joke and has been for years.  If I need a good laugh I might watch Hunting Hitler, but it will be an hour that I'll never get back.  Cheers!"

from Angellica Goodson-Lord:
"Yes the History Channel is considered to be the mouthpiece for misinformation, disinformation and lies.  I used to watch it in the beginning but as I did my own homework I became shocked at how off-base people like George Tsoukalas is regarding his assumptions."

from LOREN CHARLES, Member #3818:
"I expect to be very incensed after watching the 'History' Channel presents their 'theories' on the survival and escape of A.H.  I find it outrageous that these dimwits did not consider going to the source of this 'revisionist' piece of real history, which you brought to light more than 30 years ago."

more from Stewart Braeman:
"I did email the History Channel and asked them where they get their information from but they haven't replied.  I told them about Sharkhunters and you and said they should have asked you for the undoubted truth of someone who has been to Argentina on many occasions and spoken to the right people.  But I don't think they are interested in the truth - it seems like they are just trying not to make it obvious that Adolf Hitler did escape but more to leave it up in the air.  Your work is fantastic Harry; real research based on real fact."

STEWART later joined Sharkhunters and is Member #7972.


from CHAZ KISER, Member #7824:
"I saw an ad a week or so ago about how (gasp) it may not be outside the realm of possibility that Hitler escaped to Argentina.  I had a funny feeling about how they'll probably conclude that not only did Hitler die in the bunker but strangely enough, it was from Lee Harvey Oswald's gun."

Victor Fletcher wrote this to the History Channel:
"Your enquiry is a joke.  Why don't you get real information from Cooper at Sharkhunters
where President Reagan was also a Member.  This program is a joke out of touch with reality."

the unsigned reply from the History Channel:

"The History Channel does consider itself an authoritative and educational channel on the Foxtel platform and holds a duty to also entertain its viewers.  We aim to broadcast as many sides of history as possible whilst offering our viewers programmes with alternative outlooks to certain subjects.
   The channel understands that alternative programming like Hunting Hitler may not be to the taste of all viewers and we take the concerns you have raised very seriously.  Subscriber feedback is highly regarded by Foxtel and is very important for our ongoing consideration of content selection and scheduling."

............we note that this email from the History Channel is unsigned AND is a 'do not reply' so we cannot respond to them.

from RICH delFAVRO, Member #1495-LIFE:
"I will only add that it was kind of fun to watch but again, it's territory you've already been over years ago.  Can't believe they at least didn't offer you some sort of advisory or actual on-camera role.  The guys that were shown seemed awfully over-awed and righteous about it all.  The presence of the man who purportedly was a war-crimes prosecutor was especially annoying.  He huffed, puffed and shook his head in feigned disgust every time a further 'clue' was brought to light."

from LOWELL MIX, Member #7849:
"They just made a statement that no one else has ever investigated this before, so they are making history.  Yeah, right!"

from WILLIAM DEREGIBUS, Member #7831:
"I'm afraid I'm not really qualified to write a review because when the 'Nazi hunter' Raum or Baum (or whatever his real name is) was introduced, I turned off the set.  This is because of the degenerate nature of 'balanced history' as it's presented by these feces mongers, all endless programming about evil Nazis and nothing about Stalin and the early red murderers beyond maybe one show a year on Stalin, who many American communists still hate because he liquidated their idols, the early Bolsheviks (that's what they say, not my opinion)."

from SID AUST, Member #5438:
"Watched the first Hunting Hitler show on Sunday night.  It was interesting but they presented it like this was all freshly discovered and new info.....where have these people been the last 30 years.....they have probably been the ones who have always said that this was untrue and called the people who knew crazy.....the history has always been there and Harry knew because he has had a lot of German military contacts long before the History Channel knew it was a story."

from E. J. Pugliese:
"I have listened to Mr. Harry Cooper on the Jeff Rense program a lot in the last year or so.  I really look forward to the two hour segments and I wish that he could be on more frequently to get the history straight with Jeff's inquisitive listeners.  I learn new things every time I tune in.  Bravo for a job well done Mr. Cooper."

from US Navy Submarine Veteran JOEL BATTLE, Member #2550:
"You are doing the world a great service by presenting history as it really happened.  A lot of us have tremendous respect for you.  Keep up the great work."     JOEL signed off that he proudly served on USS TANG (SS 564)

from John Lombard:
"That History Channel version is ridiculous.  If those clowns intruded on my property like that, they'd find we have other uses for those cinder blocks (blub-blub)!"


from US Marine Corps combat veteran BILL NAPIER, Member #2290-C/LIFE:

"If some bozo writes a book and steals a bunch of your work, will you sue him?  I hate when these bastards do that.  You and your wife worked your balls off to get that info.  I hate thieves."


from Terry Fox:
"I love Sharkhunters.  I read every email.  I have 'Hitler in Argentina' and will soon get 'Hitler and the Secret Alliance'.  I like the Hunting Hitler show only because so far they corroborate everything you have said and now my wife is going to read 'Hitler in Argentina'.  While we watch she will ask me questions.  I have never believed Hitler died in the bunker.  I am an amateur Military Historian.  I watch the show Hunting Hitler through very skeptical eyes.  Anyway Mr. Cooper keep up the great work and Hurrah to Sharkhunters."

from Brian:
"I am not impressed by 'people' who steal other people's work.  All these channels; History, Discover, National Geographic etc. have some really bad shows.  Such 'prestigious' channels.....yeah right."

from WILLIAM DEREGIBUS, Member #7831:
"The History Channel and Mr. Baer really goofed up - this week I turned it off right after hearing in the introduction the self appointed nonsense assembling 'the world's top experts".

from MIKE TORRESON, Member #371:
"I watched one of the 'History' Channel's Hunting Hitler a few days ago.  It was underwhelming.....typical of this channel.  However, methinks there is some deliberate effort (via this series) to distract, divert, dilute the masses away from your findings.  The fact that the Spitlickers (SPLC) have been targeting you when added to this 'series' is an indication that they don't want the truth about Hitler surviving the bunker and indeed living out his life in Argentina.  Good news is you ARE making an impact and the diversions of the History Channel and the Spitlickers 'attentions' are proof of your success!"

from ARTHUR MILMORE, Member #7657:
"History Channel garbage.  I only watched it for ten minutes.  Their experts, that nobody ever heard of, could you imagine Hitler in a U-Boat for that long a period of time?"

EDITOR NOTE - Correct!  And we must remember that Hitler would get seasick looking at a painting of a ship at sea.  We know that he rarely was even aboard the State yacht, AVISO GRILLE for that very reason.  And we believe that Adolf Hitler was a passenger on the only surviving JU 390 long-range transport with six engines that landed on a deserted road in Uruguay.  S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO was in contact with the pilot of this plane until he died in 2014......in Argentina.



from WES WINDOM, Member #1986:
"Every time I hear 'Nazi'.....I start to tune out."

"Watching the show on History.  They are going to San Carlos di Bariloche.....seems I have heard or read this stuff somewhere earlier."


from ELLIS BAXTER, Member #7862:
"I am sure that the History Channel will await their new script.  The present group of enactments are right out of your reports and books!  They stole Corsi's name 'Hunting Hitler' but your information......this new report from FBI records?  It is showing stuff that was on Sharkhunters - what; 5 years ago?  I mean really.....these people have no shame."

EDITOR NOTE - Correct; our S.E.I.G. Agent TAUCHER got all these files from the FBI 5 or 6 years before.

EDITOR NOTE - LAWRENCE refers to our visits to this sleepy little town where Hitler lived and many SS officers as well as German scientists etc. so where is anything new?  It is not!


Here are photos we shot there in 2008....2008!  We
returned in 2009.  These 'history' people are not new there.

.....in the ruins of the atomic laboratories


.....at the door into the estate where Hitler and Eva Braun lived

Hitler birthday parties long after his death


Abandoned house ruins in Misiones claimed by these people as being their new find, which it is not - our guy in Argentina posted these photos to us several years ago.  They claimed that this is where Hitler hid out and that is totally false as well.  Anything to sell ad space and air time.....


from ED CALABRESE, Member #5384:

"I've been watching the 'Hunting Hitler' series and can't stop laughing.  You broke the real news almost 20 years ago.  When they acted surprised to learn U-Boats were landing in Argentina after the war ended I knew this was just another 'reality' show."


EDITOR NOTE - This series, like almost all the so-called history programs on television, overly uses......WAY overly uses the term 'Nazi'.  This is no more than an attempt at shock and it clearly shows the true direction of the show which is to bash Germany and her troops.  It is way over the top and after all these years, it is pointless overkill and dilutes any attempt at any real history they try to portray.  Usually they do not even make an attempt at telling real history - just to sell ads and air time.  Shame on them!

Absolutely incredible and idiotic!  Here is an observation from BRYANT ALEX, Member #7633:
"There are many people who have voiced their opinions and reviews of this show.  I've been watching it solely for the locations that they visit and not for any historical value.
   The latest episode 'Hitler's Safe House' was the biggest joke of them all.  The 'special forces' operators that they hired for the show plan a (staged) beach recon of Inalco House near Bariloche.  I don't have a clue what special forces these guys were in (other than the narrator saying it 50 times).  What kind of a special forces operator would conduct a beach recon like this?
   1. Rent a 'fishing boat' as a disguise with 3 or 4 'operators' packed in like sardines with NO FISHING POLES.  The 'fishing boat' is a zodiac with a blaze red colored raft that blows by the house at about 45 nauts creating 3 foot swells on an otherwise calm lake in the middle of the day.  So much for stealth.
   2. They gun the loud engines and stop abruptly about 40 yards from the shore - then the 'operator' dressed in a black dry suit (with no fins) flops over the gunnels into the freezing cold water - then he grabs some sort of ORANGE floatation device that looks like a beach ball - yes an ORANGE beach ball and back kicks his way to the beach.
   3.  The 'operator' deploys to the beach and walks directly in full view of the hacienda on the beach.  He is communicating with the 'operators' on the boat with a walkie talkie saying 'Roger' or 'Royer' or other tacticool terms like 'high value target' or 'put boots on the ground' every 3 seconds just to sound cool.
   4.  Then the 'operators' get compromised by a 'care taker' of the house walking down the beach.  The 'care taker' looked like a local walking his dog.

These aren't operators, spooks or even Jason Bourne - someone should ask these people the same question Deniro asked Sean Bean in the film 'Ronin'...........'what color is the Boathouse in Hereford?'  These frauds probably wouldn't know because it is 'amateur hour'

Thanks BRYANT.  This would laughable if it were not for the fact that hundreds of thousands of viewers will believe all this BS.  When COOPER visited this island in 2008 it was just him and his guide.  On his return in 2009, there were ten people plus the captains of the two cabin cruisers rented for this trip.  There was no dropping off the boat offshore and swimming in - they just beached the two boats and walked to the house.  It is obvious that these clowns have fictionalized this visit for the shock value for the cameras.  Our group in 2009 had no 'special forces' people.  There were two medical doctors, another with a PhD in Philosophy, a retired motor cop, an engineer for robotics, a wine grape grower, two beautiful young women and COOPER, former executive and Air Force veteran.  Stealth was definitely NOT required!  Look here...

Colonel Dr. HENNIG   Dr. ELLIS      BURGESS the wine grower     MARK the motor cop
Just lunch - not a 'special ops' planning session   COOPER and Chelsea 'sneaking' up to the estate
Our boats on the beach.....no 'spook' work here....   The idea of the 'SpecOps' is a laughable lie!
Maybe this could be construed as 'special ops'
Chelsea 'sneaking' through a window?  'SpecOps' sure!
  More of our 'Special Ops' troops in action.....
.....young, tough, stealthy - oops!  Wrong 'SpecOps' guys.
Maybe we needed the phony 'SpecOps' pink berets....

One of our crack 'SpecOps' troops hiding;
blending right in with the woodpile.
Our 'SpecOps' troops preparing for a quiet,
clandestine egress.  Can't even see them!

Okay, we are making fun of this idiotic TV special.  'SpecOps' are definitely NOT necessary here at the estate where Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun lived from 1945 until at least 1955.  These guys on the History Channel are clowns - just plain clowns!  Running around pretending to be 'SpecOps' guys where this is absolutely NOT necessary!  Anyone can ground their boat on the beach and walk to the estate.  We did this two times - once in 2008 and again with a group in 2009.  This is not rocket science nor is it James Bond 007 despite their attempts to make it seem like some kind of super-spy operation.  Shame on them!

from Lt. Col. R. J. Nelson;
"I am new to your group.  I watched your Amazon Prime video last night about 'Hitler in Argentina'.  Good stuff.  I will be purchasing your book upon completion of my holiday travels.  Coincidentally, the night before I watched your video, I ended up on the History Channel watching 'Hunting Hitler'.  It seems they were using all your source documents."
  from STEPHEN GATES, Member #7241;

"Amazing how everybody is now hopping on the band wagon of history now - all we need now are the remains to do micro-cond DNA and the mystery is over.  Keep up the good work."
from STEVE WICKS, Member #7650;
"I just saw this 'Nazi' comment and, well it annoys me so much about these so-called historians you, Harry, refer to."

from William Major:
"The 'stealth' part was really funny.  He's saying that people have different ideas what stealth is - then goes and lays on the sand on the beach while the 'care taker' walks toward him and apparently the black rubber suit and the white sand blended well. Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  My God, it gets funnier every week.  It's for the new generation who haven't a clue about WW2 or its participants other than what these halfwits tell them.  Oh my God, we're doomed!  I'm glad I'm old - Ha!"
  from Angelica Goodson-Lord about the 'Hunting Hitler' comedy:

"The first thing that comes to my mind is that the Internet is filled with misinformationalists, disinformationalists and lies.  So far the government has not been able to shut down the Internet.  THANK GOODNESS - but they can infiltrate it with nay-sayers.  Keep on keeping on Harry; the TRUTHERS may be quiet but they have your back even though we may be in the weeds quietly scoping out the territory so remember that.  So remember that you cannot always see or hear your supporters but they are always there."
from WILL DEREGIBUS, Member #7831;
"Thank you for putting the word out.  'Beyond Idiotic'.....perhaps that's the idea, though it much have cost them to get Mr. Baer involved.  This sort of thing used to destroy careers and reputation.  Still, there is such an overwhelming parochial arrogance and total lack of 'gravitas' in the modern world they may actually believe the public is dumb enough to pass it off, though that kind of attitude starts and loses wars.  I still have yet to watch a show but shouldn't they have called this travesty 'Hunting Hitler's Corpse'?"
  from 'Locksmith' CHARLIE WENDT, Member #1227;
"Every word (you said) is true; it is a total waste of time.  It is like a grade C late night horror movie you can't turn off as you wait to see how much stupider they can get.  I have to admit it was so exciting I fell asleep - but I did have the feeling they had read your book, but keep claiming all info is from declassified FBI files."
from NICK REVELIOTTI, Member #6839;
"Best of all is how is all this filmed?  Swimming in?  The Clown coming ashore?  Crawling along the beach?  Trying to hide in a shallow hole?  Departing the beach?  The boat pulling away and racing home?
     All this was filmed by someone.  Who took the pictures?  Is their cameraman still stranded on the beach?
     A comedy of errors.
  from BRYANT ALEX, Member #7633:
"I was laughing so hard when I wrote my review and at some of the comments, but you are right - a lot of people will believe the BS they are peddling which is sad because they won't learn the true history of WW 2 that Sharkhunters and Dave Irving strive to get across to people.  Hopefully it will spark enough interest that some people will research the truth and buy your books."

       from William Major:

"Did you see on 'Hunting Hitler' how these imbeciles showed a picture of Reinhard Heydrich when talking about Reinhard Komph?  They are pandering to the people who know nothing of WW 2 and its participants.  I was livid."
     from Harold Hoffmann:
"My friend vociferously argues with me that it was impossible for Hitler to have escaped.  Today I found out why he takes that position - he has been watching 'Hunting Hitler' on TV.
     Do you suppose the underlying purpose of this 'documentary' is to discredit the truth?

EDITOR NOTE - Could be, but we think the primary underlying reason is to keep their cash register ringing and ringing and ringing and.....
from Captain MICKEY GARVERICK, Member # 7988, USN (Ret):
"Are you working with the History Channel?  A lot of their research, you have already reported."
  from Economist ELLIS BAXTER, Member #7862:
"Same guy who did the History channel propaganda piece.  We need to protect history - we must."
You be the judge.

Was it stated on that TV series that they 'discovered' the ruins of Hitler's house?  It was easy to 'discover' this place because it is the centerpiece of a state park in Misiones Province, open to the public since 1995!  It was not Hitler's house and they did not discover it.

We are told that they 'found' many German coins from the Third Reich on the grounds near these ruins.  The park ranger told us that they brought these coins with them, scattered them around then made a big deal out of finding them - in front of the cameras.

more from 'Locksmith' CHARLIE WENDT, Member #1227:
"I saw one of those shows on the wannabe History channel.  This one concerned finding an old house that was owned by Germans who might have had a radio.  OH!  Imagine that.  Anyway the rest of the show was devoted to some information about an airplane.  They were trying to find the remains of an airplane that supposedly Hitler and someone rode carrying nuclear secrets in South America in 1946.  They landed at a small airfield and then burned the plane and pushed it into a lake.  They even dived on this lake, which is now a wildlife preserve and as the sun was setting found the remains of a storm sunk dock.  The underwater shots made it look like they were hundreds of feet down but then the diver was shown walking in waist deep water feeling for the 'find' with his feet.  It was all very hyped and seems to be following your info but distorting dates and information.  Their 'experts' I think may have read a book or two, not much more.  LOL."

EDITOR NOTE - We have heard about the so-called 'experts' like the diver, the Special Forces guy and others but when you click on the link by Laurence deMello below and see that some on staff did not get paid; one even took the matter to court and spent 50,000 Pounds to get a verdict of 20,000 Pounds and has not collected one dime, one wonders how many of this 'crack' crew is happy about their participation in this joke of a non-historical story.
  email from another Member:
"I watched several episodes of the show in question until I saw it was going to be a bunch of crap.  Both guys doing the investigation were J$#s.  Apparently they are still looking to hang anyone they can for approving of Hitler and the Third Reich.  This show was just an extension of the Nazi Hunters like that phony Elie Weasel."

from GARY HOHENSTEIN, Member #7534:
"Many thanks for passing on that excellent piece covering what you said was a piece of journalistic crap regarding Hitler.  I recognized Gerald Williams at once as being one of the main players in the series which ran here in the UK recently and WHICH NEVER FINISHED!"

HECTOR SPINELLI, Member #7940 on a piece by Laurence deMello:
"A wonderful article Laurence!  People who want to find out more about this scandal should read the one star reviews of the book 'GREY WOLF - the ESCAPE OF ADOLF HITLER' by Gerard Williams and Simon Dunstan on Amazon.  The movie has only a few comments, but the dreadful book on which it is based has attracted savage criticism and many more revelations and I'm told there are a lot more to come!  So anxious times for the people who dreamed up this scam."

Laurence deMello is probably the world's top expert on the escape and life of Martin Bormann and also many of the people of the Third Reich in South America.  We see her here with Sharkhunters President Harry Cooper, the world's foremost source on the escape of Hitler, Eva Braun and thousands of the crumbled Third Reich at her ranch in Argentina.

Click on this link below to see what she has discovered about people connected with this TV series.


It is an eye-opener for sure!  Who got scammed?  Who got hosed?  Follow that link and see.  It is incredible!

Researcher HECTOR SPINELLI, Member #7940 comments:
"My compliments on your professional report, Ms. deMello.  It is a pity so many unscrupulous adventurers are trying to profit from this sensational story about Hitler's escape and I am afraid we will see more of them as time goes by.  As for me, I have complete confidence in Sharkhunters and Harry Cooper's reports on this subject.  He takes the time and spends money from his own pocket to visit Argentina every year, travelling from Patagonia to the northern Brazilian border, searching places, interviewing reliable witnesses and still finding surprising news regarding Hitler's movements in the late '40s and 50's in Argentina."
  BILL GERGEN, Member #7761 emailed this:
"Thank you so much for all your detective work!  Can't wait to learn more!"

U-Boot veteran ROLF ROSELLEN, Member #2985-LIFE emailed:
"You are still the best when it comes to the U-Boats."

ROY ARMSTRONG, Member #7447 emailed:
"I also have dislike for such corrupt people.  They really deserve prison."

  What the heck?

For a good look at our February 2016 expedition to South America log onto http://sharkhunters.com/2016SoAm1.htm Be ready to be amazed at what we found.....and it is all real, not contrived.

The photos below will give you an idea what we found.  Click on this link to see a great deal more.





Has it occurred to anyone that Harry Cooper and Sharkhunters are telling the truth and therefore must be discredited by groups like the 'Spitlickers' and paid stooges like 'Hunting Hitler' and others to prevent the truth from coming out?

..........we have a TON of such comments to add - please check back frequently for more and your comments, good or bad, are welcome.

If you have watched the "Hunting Hitler" program on TV and wish to make a comment, send an email to us at sharkhunters@earthlink.net and we will post it - good, bad or otherwise.  Tell us you want your name withheld.