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Don't Let the Crabs Escape!
Why do certain people go out of their way to denigrate successful people?  Jealousy - plain and simple, jealousy!  That is why Sharkhunters is attacked by losers.  They wish they were on the same level as Sharkhunters.  We are reminded of a comment made by our pastor some years ago.  An old man was sitting on a dock fishing for crabs.  Each time he caught a crab, he dropped it in an open bucket.  A young boy came by and told the old man that he should put a lid on his bucket so the crabs couldn't climb out.  The old man said;
"No problem, son.  When one gets near the top, the others pull him back down."

........and so it is with detractors.  We will be adding various people to this list.  Check it out and see which category you place each one in.  Check back from time to time and see the new additions.


Enter the "Spitlickers"!
      Southern Poverty Law Center

Naturally, the SPLC (known as the 'Spitlickers' by some) could not pass up a chance to snipe at Sharkhunters, calling us a hate group or to attack
Harry Cooper, the world's foremost source on the history of the U-Boats and of the escape of Hitler, labeling him as a Nazi.  Sharkhunters is not now and never was a hate group; and Cooper is not now and never was a Nazi.

Let us be perfectly clear - the 'Spitlickers' are liars!  If they are not liars, if they are telling the truth about Sharkhunters and Cooper, let them take us to court for calling them the liars they really are.  They do not dare because they are liars!



Tesla Powered U-Boats?

There is a fellow writing books and making speeches about "Tesla Powered U-Boats" among other claims.  His reaction when we simply asked him to expand on this topic was, to say the least, an incredible departure from normalcy.  Click on his photo, fasten your seat belts, and come along on an unusual ride.



Hunting Hitler

It was Sharkhunters who first proved that Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Martin Bormann and thousands of others escaped the crumbled Third Reich and lived out their lives in security and comfort in South America - mainly Argentina.

A TV series has popped up on this topic and while some of it is accurate, some of it is - unusual to say the least.  Click on this photo of Third Reich celebrations in South America to learn more.



Roger Clark

Poor Roger......he seems to spend an inordinate amount of time going out of his way to attack our book "Hitler in Argentina" and he actually thinks that he is an expert on this subject.  Maybe if he spent as much effort in writing a book of his own, he might not not feel so inadequate when faced with the challenge of reading works from a world class expert.  Does he feel inadequate?  Is he really a 'wannabe' writer?  Is he so unhappy that he is left at the side of the road that he must lash out at his betters?  Click on his photo to see.


Coming soon............